Jetliner® Xceed (XC)

4C print as it was meant to be.

Where innovation becomes real: Excellent digital print at minimized life-cycle cost. Roll-to-roll or fully integrated.

Jetliner® Monochrome (MCP)

A single-color printer that utilizes the full working width.

Where single-pass inkjet print becomes reality directly at your corrugator. Be prepared for growing markets and future legislations.

BHS Intralogistics

Material flow that sets the standards.

Where flexibility, productivity, and sustainability in material flow add up – all the way from the reel storage to feeding the corrugator.

Defining single-pass inkjet print – the combination of industry expertise, best-in-class inkjet technology, and cutting-edge quality & uptime features.


Seizing market opportunities: Print variable data, QR codes and standard one-color jobs directly at full corrugator width and speed.


Seizing market opportunities: Print variable data, QR codes and standard one-color jobs directly at full corrugator width and speed.


Box Plant 2025 – think beyond the corrugator

Every day, the corrugated industry experiences “print under pressure“. Brands require individual on-demand packages to create high-value shopping experiences. Converters have to drive digital transformation in light of cost pressure, flexibility and sustainability, even intensified by upcoming government directives. The time to set the course is now. Everything speaks for Jetliner® with its combined engineering and process know-how. Learn more about how you can prepare for the very near future – with Jetliner®, a series of single-pass inkjet print systems that paves the way for the digital transformation of the corrugated industry.

Another key topic “beyond the corrugator” is highly automated intralogistics. This is not just about optimizing routes and times. It's also about reacting flexibly to short-term order changes; minimizing paper waste and transport damage; creating transparent material flows that can be traced from end to end; and, last but not least, raising safety for people and materials to a whole new level. The solutions from BHS Intralogistics can do – all of this. And more.

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How can the corrugated industry benefit from innovative single-pass inkjet print technology? Insights by Lars Engel, Managing Director of BHS Corrugated.

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Why is the Box Plant 2025 the key to competitiveness, sustainability, and digital transformation? Insights by Lars Engel, Managing Director of BHS Corrugated.

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Winter 2023/24

Think beyond … continues!

Our freshest news from machinery and corrugator lines … looking further, looking forward to how you can constantly define the standards with BHS Corrugated. ​

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What is the Box Plant 2025?

A full-scale portfolio of future-oriented solutions and services – aiming at lower costs and higher productivity throughout the complete box plant. 

Where can I get answers from the BHS Corrugated experts?

Please send an e-mail to Ask for an appointment and we’ll get back to you asap.

When can I order the Box Plant 2025?

A range of products and solutions are already available. The Box Plant 2025 allows you to start immediately and upgrade your box plant with our future innovations.

Will the Box Plant 2025 remain unchanged from the start?

The Box Plant 2025 will continue to evolve dynamically over time – in line with technological progress and new applications. Thanks to its modular structure, you can smoothly integrate upcoming new technologies any time.

Is RSR® digital printing part of it – and is it available today?

Yes, it’s one of the key innovations. Requiring less machines, less intermediate storage, and more than 50% reduction in staff. After successfully piloting in leading corrugating plants, we will fully introduce RSR® (Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time).

Will autonomous intralogistics be part of the Box Plant 2025?

Yes, it will be one of the core elements. Powered by digital technologies and applications, it will enable minimized storage and intelligent material handling.

How will it increase my competitiveness?

Your factory becomes self-learning, energy-efficient, lean, and demand-oriented. You can react more flexibly to customer demands and new market situations. You will improve all input and output factors of your production.

What does it consist of?

Automation systems (Corrugated 4.0), remote and on-site services, and digital solutions for the corrugator, digital inline printing, and autonomous intralogistics.


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