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Trial internships and career orientation, BHS Corrugated Tech Camp, vacation jobs, factory tours and career checks – at BHS Corrugated, you have come to the right place!

Praktikum Berufsorientierung BHS
BHS Corrugated internship and career orientation.

Trial internship and career orientation

At BHS Corrugated, you have the opportunity to explore different vocational fields during your summer vacation with a trial internship or traineeship. Through partnerships with several local schools, we also offer comprehensive career orientation.

BHS Corrugated Tech Camp for kids

Have you always wondered what an electronics engineer, a cutting machine operator or a production technologist actually does? Curious to know how you can help shape the future as a metalworking or electrical specialist with a technologically advanced company? Want to find out first-hand what prospects BHS Corrugated holds for you?
Then sign up for BHS Corrugated Tech Camp! BHS Corrugated Tech Camp offers technologically inclined boys and girls in their second to last year of school the chance to get a solid introduction to vocational training in these professions.

BHS Corrugated Tech Camp for kids.
Factory tour at BHS Corrugated.

Factory tour at BHS Corrugated

What to get better acquainted with our Weiherhammer location and get a “live” behind-the-scenes look at a market leader? Then sign up for a factory tour!
We invite all interested school groups to come take a guided tour of our factory. You will learn more about the production of corrugators – and find out what is behind terms like “Lifecycle Building, “lean production” and “clean desk.” Contact us for more information on all the available options.

Vacation jobs

At BHS Corrugated, you have the opportunity to explore different company departments during your summer vacation with a vacation job. Even without doing an internship, you can gain experience and make some money, too, by working in one of our many departments.

Vacation jobs at BHS Corrugated.