Healthy for life – fit for the future

Health is our most valuable possession. We believe that your wellbeing is crucial, including when it comes to work! This is the idea behind our three pillars of health promotion: movement, nutrition and mental health – because, as we all know, a healthy body helps make for a healthy mind. Our goal is to foster a work environment that makes it easy to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It is also important for us to communicate with you. Our employees can stay well-informed on our Corporate Health Management Community on our intranet as well as our company fitness app. And we are always happy to address questions or concerns about our programs and services.

Fitness services at BHS Corrugated
Feeling the burn helps you feel more relaxed – our company fitness studio in Weiherhammer, Germany is open around the clock.

Movement: Everything you need for a good “work-life-movement balance”

It can be hard to fit movement and exercise into our daily lives. At BHS Corrugated, we want to help our employees maintain an active lifestyle. Head to our company fitness studio for a workout anytime, day or night. Join our running group. Or try one of the many exercise classes on offer. TRX, spinal exercises, pilates or indoor cycling – there is something for everyone! And if you would like to measure your personal fitness level, we have an InBody scale that calculates body-fat composition and other factors.

Promoting good health: Knowledge is power

To us, promoting good health means ongoing support and encouragement. That is why we celebrate Health Day and offer various workshops (smoking cessation seminar, trainee cooking class, etc.) and lectures on various health-related topics. For anyone interested in participating in the annual NOFI company run, we offer running seminars to help you prepare.

Running seminars at BHS Corrugated
Running seminars for the company run – just one of many opportunities to get up and get moving with your co-workers.
Prevention at BHS Corrugated
Prevention made easy – with the company medical services of BHS Corrugated.

Prevention: Getting healthy is good, staying healthy is better

At BHS Corrugated, we think it is especially important to prevent work-related illnesses and identify potential health risks early on. That is why we offer company medical services. Through our medical relief fund, we subsidize treatments, dentures, glasses and more.

Nutrition: Tasty, healthy, high-quality

When it comes to your job, focus and energy are everything. The key to both is a balanced diet. We understand that fitting nutritious meals into your workday can be a challenge.
But for BHS Corrugated employees, it is no problem. Our company restaurant serves up a variety of healthy dishes every day. Our restaurant app makes it easy to place and pay for your order. Plus, it even shows you nutrition information. And if you need a snack between mealtimes, just head for our fruit basket. Tea, coffee and water are also provided free of charge.

Good nutrition at BHS Corrugated
Balanced and rich in vitamins: At BHS Corrugated, our meals are both tasty and nutritious.
Mental health at BHS Corrugated
A break from the daily grind: Even a short break for relaxation can often help “recharge your batteries”.

Mental health: Welcome to relaxation

Stressed out? Feeling tense? Not at BHS Corrugated! When it comes to both mental and physical health, it is important to take little breaks now and again. Take advantage of our massage service, and treat yourself to some time off from the daily grind.
Those who wish to look within and explore their inner thoughts have the opportunity to use a meditation app at a reduced cost.

Partnerships: For getting through tough times

When an employee is battling cancer, we want to do everything we can to help them deal with their illness and, hopefully, recover. That is why BHS Corrugated covers the full cost of supplemental cancer treatments offered by the “Integrative Oncology” project at the St. Marien Clinic in Amberg. We believe that loss and mourning in the workplace should not be taboo subjects. In times of tragedy, our employees are offered counseling through the Nicolaidis YoungWings foundation.

Professional treatment for employees battling cancer
Not a taboo subject: When a employee of BHS Corrugated is battling cancer, we make sure they have professional care available through our partner organizations.

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