BHS Corrugated partners and commitments

When we work together, we accomplish more. And professional collaboration always benefits everyone involved. Here at BHS Corrugated, we are involved in a number of initiatives and are eager to collaborate with qualified and trusted partners when it comes to education and training.

Eastern Bavarian Technical College

The Regensburg Eastern Bavarian Technical College, also known as OTH Regensburg, was established as an institution for the study of technology, commerce and social affairs. In Germany, OTH Regensburg is one of the biggest technical colleges in Bavaria.

OTH-AW – Eastern Bavarian Technical College Amberg-Weiden

The Eastern Bavarian Technical College Amberg-Weiden is our local partner for university collaborations and integrated degree programs.

By working closely with one another, we are able to combine theoretical research findings from various fields of study with the practical requirements of a market leader. The results are of real benefit to our company and employees.

Local Alliance for Family

The “Bündnis für Familie” (engl. Alliance for Family) in Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab and the city of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate offer local companies the opportunity to collaborate, exchange insights and explore new ideas on the subject of balancing family life and work.

Family as a factor for success

The corporate program “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” (engl. Success Factor Family) is the main platform for discussions on the subject of balancing family life and work. The program is a collaboration between the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, the major industry associations of the German economy and the DGB (German Federation of Trade Unions) to make family friendliness into a trademark of Germany’s economy.

Training Offensive Bavaria

“Ausbildungsoffensive Bayern” (engl. Training Offensive Bavaria) is a project of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry employers. The objective is to educate young people about the possibilities and prospects of certified job training and demonstrate the advantages offered by the participating companies.

BAYME / VBM – Employers’ Association of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry

The employers’ associations of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry strive to ensure the economic success of their member companies. By creating economic and social parameters, the employers actively contribute to the economic, social, and political framework.

Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship)

By participating in the Germany Scholarship, we are reaffirming our faith in the abilities of our local young people. We are supporting the top executives of tomorrow and investing in high-achieving students for the future success of our company.

ÜBZO - Inter-Company Training Center in Eastern Bavaria

The ÜBZO (Inter-Company Training Center in Eastern Bavaria) is our in-house education and training provider for the digital era. Hands-on courses and training in the categories of basic and advanced education and training provide the best possible conditions to prepare our employees for new professional challenges.

Wirtschaft weiß-blau 

Wirtschaft weiß-blau is an online platform initiated by the Bavarian Industry Association. The idea is to provide a platform where companies can advertise and quickly spread awareness for their social responsibility activities.

Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Trust

The brothers Lars Engel and Christian Engel founded the Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) trust in September 2016. The purpose of the trust is to support projects that are important for the technological and economic development of Oberpfalz. As a driving part of a network of municipalities, institutions, universities, research institutions, educational institutions, educational institutions, the trust is involved in the development of future concepts for education and training: education 4.0 for a company 4.0.

The LUCE Foundation is home to pioneering projects such as DENKWELT Oberpfalz, the Alliance for Vocational Education and Training in Eastern Bavaria (ABBO), the Center for Artificial Intelligence (KIZ) or Agile Living in Old Age (ALIA). The inter-company training center in Ostbayern gGmbH (ÜBZO) is also part of the LUCE Foundation.

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