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There is a good chance that you have experienced something similar before: A brief impression is often enough to take a liking to someone. This does not only apply to real encounters but also to written communication. Make the best out of this opportunity: Positively stand out of the crowd with a strong application – and inspire us with your zest for change during the interview! Some tips can be found here:

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Application: Win us over with strong content...

  • Add a little personal note to your application:
    Avoid using empty standard phrases. Introduce yourself (briefly): Who are you? What sets you apart? What were your highlights in your career up until now?
  • Show that you have looked into our company:
    Why do you apply for a job with us particularly? Why is BHS Corrugated appealing to you in particular? How do we motivate you to change?
  • Get to the heart of your strengths:
    What can, and do you want to achieve at BHS Corrugated?

Your question – our answer

"I am not quite sure what salary to expect. Will it be a disadvantage if I don't answer the question in the online application form?"

"Salary expectations are a tricky subject for any applicant. After all, this is not just a standard phrase. If we as employer ask you to inform us about your salary expectation, we will definitely expect a response. If you do not have any idea of the salary to be expected for a posted position, please inform you in advance. Find out about it in advance: For example, google or call the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, or a Trade Association. These institutions can provide you with crucial information which you can use for your application."

... and score with good form

Use our online application tool.
Review your documents thoroughly before uploading them:

  • Is your application complete: application letter, CV, report cards and certificates, additional documents (such as certificates for completed vocational training or further education)?
  • Is your contact information in the application letter and CV up-to-date?
  • Are the layouts of your application letter (continuous text) and CV (table) neat and appealing?
  • Have you thoroughly proofread your application?
  • Are all documents properly scanned and saved as PDF files?

Tip: Four eyes see more – ask someone from your family or circle of friends to proofread your application letter and CV.

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This is not how it works!

  • A standard application letter (which may also be addressed to "Company XY" instead of "BHS Corrugated") shows: An applicant is sending out documents en masse and indiscriminately - and has no specific interest in our company.
  • Incomplete applications with errors and many irrelevant documents reflect badly on the applicant: Is that how poorly he or she will perform on the job?

Be yourself during the job interview!

If you win us over with your application, we will invite you to a job interview. Just make the best of it: Get to know us better – and convince us that you are the one!

  • Plan to arrive on time. For the trip to our company, take traffic into account.
  • It goes without saying that a well-groomed appearance is crucial. Choose clothes in which you feel comfortable and appear confident.
  • Do not try to slip into a role. Show us who you really are. Be frank, pleasant, and honest.
  • Make sure to thoroughly look into our company and products.
  • Prepare to ask questions. This is how you demonstrate your true interest.
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Question from an apprentice – our answer

"I am invited to a job interview for an apprenticeship. What shall I wear?"

"There is no standard dress code for apprentices. However, of course we do notice the appearance of an applicant. This does not only apply to the outfit but also whether the hair is washed, or the hands are clean. Gear yourself towards the advertised position and choose an outfit in which you feel comfortable. Within the field of vocational education and training, neither a business suit with tie nor shorts and flip-flops are appropriate. A tidy jeans with a T-shirt or a skirt with a blouse are entirely adequate and fitting."

Apply now!

Apply now – send your unsolicited application or an application for a job vacancy.

Go to BHS Corrugated job portal

If you have questions, we will be happy to help! 

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