Bruno Zenicanin: Service Technician: Always new solutions!

For his vocational education and training as industrial mechanic, Bruno Zenicanin came from Croatia to Weiherhammer. From here, he got off to a flying start, around the world and up the career ladder. BHS Corrugated is promoting his plans. Bruno Zenicanin returns the favor: with solutions.


Apprenticeship through the "The job of my life" program

Studies, career: The Euro crises thwarted Bruno Zenicanin's plans for the future. Zenicanin went to the employment office to search for prospects. "In Croatia, I graduated from a technical college, and completed a good theoretical training – however, without any practical experience." No adequate qualification for the job search. But then, he came across a job offer from BHS Corrugated. The company created apprenticeships for young people from Europe as part of "The job of my life" program.

Bruno Zenicanin

Job: Service Technician.

Change factor: 10/10. Bruno Zenicanin embraces problems. Because they allow him to develop all new solutions.

Type: World explorer, always looking for new adventures.

Attitude: “Super!“

BHS Corrugated: They were serious

Bruno Zenicanin was ready to leave his home country, see the world, and have adventures. He applied and was invited to an interview. One week later, he came to the BHS Corrugated office in Croatia. "I sat across two gentlemen wearing suits. This is when it struck me: They were serious!" One of the gentlemen was the Head of the Human Resource Management at BHS Corrugated. He invited Bruno to come to Weiherhammer for a probation period of one month. It did not take long until they came to an agreement: Bruno was invited to start an apprenticeship as industrial mechanic.

Brief explanation: The job of my life

“The job of my life” was a program of the Ministry of Labor and the employment agency from 2013 until 2016. The goal: To prepare young people from Europe to complete an apprenticeship in Germany.

The skill of filing as psychological exercise

In the ÜBZO training center, Bruno learnt the skill of filing. Three whole months long. "My friends in Croatia asked me: Are you crazy? But all that practice promotes precision. It is a psychological principle. We had to learn how to fully concentrate on the task." Bruno Zenicanin was able to apply what he learnt at vocational school and practiced at the ÜBZO training center directly at BHS Corrugated. "Even during my apprenticeship, I was allowed to come along to construction sites. This is where I observed the machines in operation, and I learnt to understand what was happening in the manufacturing hall."

Checked: the ÜBZO
The intercompany training center in Eastern Bavaria (ÜBZO) is preparing apprentices and specialists for the digital age in industry. The center was founded as subsidiary of BHS Corrugated. Today, the ÜBZO is part of the Lars und Christian Engel (LUCE) foundation.


Zenicanin only has good things to say regarding his start in Weiherhammer. "During my first year of apprenticeship, a counsellor from BHS Corrugated took me under his wings: He helped me with housing, setting up a bank account, social security issues. He assisted me with everything. I got to know great colleagues and made friends. Moreover, I had a great instructor, felt very supported, and received answers to all my questions."

Even during my apprenticeship, I was allowed to come along to construction sites. This is where I observed the machines in operation, and I learnt to understand what was happening in the manufacturing hall.

Bruno Zenicanin, Service Technician at BHS Corrugated

International service assignments: Finding solutions independently

The many questions paid off. Upon the successful completion of the apprenticeship, Bruno Zenicanin was hired permanently. "I had the choice: Continue to work in manufacturing, or become a travelling service mechanic? My goal was to have a career. Therefore, I decided in favor of the position as a travelling service mechanic. In fact, not for installations, in other word the set-up of the machine, but rather for service matters. I found that even more exciting: I enjoy solving problems. The machine must be inspected, data analyzed, and a solution must be found.

I have had service assignments in many countries, from Spain all the way to Canada. The team in Weiherhammer has promoted my skills, in particular those senior professionals who have been familiar with the machines for decades." He often invited apprentices to come along to his service assignments to pass on his knowledge. "I am very social; travelling together is much more fun."


Regular training and further development is encouraged!

The next career move of Bruno Zenicanins was to complete an advanced training to become a service technician. He has found another goal since then: to become an industrial master. "BHS Corrugated did not hesitate to support my plan and offered me their assistance."

New opportunities. And one goal...

BHS Corrugated provided Zenicanin the opportunity to work in new fields. He worked in the digital print unit for a few months. An extremely exciting assignment: By means of RSR® (Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time), BHS Corrugated succeeded in integrating the digital print into the corrugated board production. A true revolution within the industry!

Finally, Bruno Zenicanin switched to the help desk on the fourth floor of the Lifecycle Building. "An amazing building. The workplaces are designed to be ergonomic. Whilst at the same time, we can switch workplaces, so it never gets boring."

Bosses do not hold back their praise. This helps the motivation.

Bruno Zenicanin

At the help desk, Zenicanin is in direct contact with the customers. "The customers will call here if they have a problem. We troubleshoot to find out whether a part is broken, or whether we are dealing with an operating error. Then we decide whether we need to send a service technician. I really enjoy the high level of responsibility: This is where I want to stay!"

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