Madeleine Löhnert, Data Scientist: Return to your first great passion!

Math is Madeleine Löhnert's passion. No wonder that her job as data scientist at BHS Corrugated is perfect for her. Here, she applies mathematical methods to optimize processes, and helps design the digital future of the corrugated  industry. And yet another advantage: Alongside her job, Madeleine Löhnert is even able to write her dissertation.


Math: Definitely!

When Madeleine Löhnert was at family gatherings as a little kid, she could not be kept engaged with coloring books. She demanded math problems! "I have always loved math" she says, "from the very beginning." However, she decided not to study math in any case. "I thought that this subject was too theoretical." But in the end, Madeleine Löhnert changed her mind and signed up for the fabulous world of numbers, shapes, and spaces, the probability and approach to infinity. "I just really enjoy this completely different way of thinking. The unambiguity! And the fact that everything is defined."

Madeleine Löhnert

Job: Data Scientist.

Change factor: 9/10. Madeleine changes the world of warehouse logistics at BHS Corrugated by applying math.

Type: Enjoys counting on surprises.

Attitude: "I like challenges!"

Yearning to do math

After graduating college, Madeleine Löhnert started her career in software development. She liked the job. But after a good two years, she felt an urge to do math again. BHS Corrugated made her an offer she could not resist: a job as data scientist, and the opportunity to do her doctorate while working.

A few months into her new job at BHS Corrugated, Madeleine Löhnert "is totally hooked". Her job with Joint Lab Data Analytics is all math, includes exciting research work and design flexibility – and is 100 percent significant, as what her team accomplishes, has valuable practical benefits for BHS Corrugated. "Our work is very practice-oriented. We work with potential new clients. If they find our development to be effective, then we will continue our cooperation."

Checked: Joint Lab
Joint Lab Data Analytics is a cooperation for digitalization and artificial intelligence with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (Fraunhofer IIS).


For example, Madeleine Löhnert is currently working on a Use Case for the purpose of warehouse optimization. "I analyze the usage data of BHS Corrugated: Which parts are needed when and where? We develop prognoses to ensure that the proper parts arrive at the client at the proper time. In doing so, we are able to optimize storage and reduce costs."

Checked: Use Case
In a Use Case, it is examined what users expect from a system – and which scenarios can occur along the way to the goal.


What does Madeleine Löhnert think of when it comes to Industry 4.0? "Automation, artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance: Machines undergo predictive maintenance to reduce downtimes to a minimum. Industry 4.0 will simplify routine processes: People can focus on the tasks that require their skills."

Two women and one man are jogging on the banks of a lake.


"I like challenges. And accomplishing something as a team!"

Madeleine Löhnert embraces challenges, both in her job and her private life. Currently, she is preparing for a "Mammutmarsch (mammoth march) light": a 55-kilometer hike, until it hurts. And much farther. "So far, I haven't even gone half the way" she laughs. Together with her colleagues, she heads out to tackle the challenge. "Tackling something together, that is what motivates me."

A day in Madeleine Löhnert's life

7 am
We have flexible work hours, and I take advantage of it. I start work early in the morning. So do my team colleagues. After checking our mails, we go and grab a cup of tea and converse briefly.

7:30 am
Then, I start with the tasks I laid out for the day. I analyze the usage data of BHS Corrugated. My goal is to optimize the warehouse stocks of the company.

11:30 am
We go to lunch, or to work out in the company gym. We also have a running group. I work in the main building of BHS Corrugated, directly on the water. It is 6.5 kilometers or 36 minutes to walk around the "Beckenweiher" pond once.

12:45 pm
Daily meeting with the Fraunhofer work group: We hold a daily briefing over the phone. Then I resume my work until ...

3:30 pm
Time to quit. Getting up early definitely pays off :-)

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