Working environment at BHS Corrugated

The expertise, experience and outstanding individual abilities of our employees are a foundation for continuous growth. Join us, and become a cornerstone of our company.

BHS Corrugated offers all the advantages of working for a market leader and global player with the charm and atmosphere of a family business. Especially when it comes to employee benefits and services.

Enjoy a productive and fulfilling career. Welcome to BHS Corrugated.
A diverse team of over 2,500 people – that is BHS Corrugated.
At BHS Corrugated, you can integrate quickly into your work environment.

Welcome to the team!

A solid onboarding plan, so you become a full-fledged team member fast – at BHS Corrugated, we help you get a good start. And you will love the openness and team spirit of our staff. Experience our work philosophy, where we value not only professional qualifications but social skills, too.

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Ideas welcome

The BHS Corrugated idea management system receives over 800 submissions a year. Technologies, processes, sometimes seemingly minor details that make for real improvements. At BHS, you can give your creativity and knowledge free rein!

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Ideenmanagement BHS Corrugated
Free rein for your own good ideas. That is idea management at BHS Corrugated.
Get it right from the get-go – it is easy with our application checklist.

Everything you need to know about your application

First impressions are important! To get you off to a good start, here are a few formal criteria to consider when applying. Click here for our tips and tricks.

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Good prospects – for your own development and for the family

Family business and market leader: Do they go together? BHS Corrugated is shaping the digital future of the corrugated industry – and combining family-friendliness with the career opportunities of a global corporation.

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Welcome to a company that puts employees first.

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Origin story of BHS Corrugated

From an ironworks founded in 1717 to the lifecycle company for the corrugated industry in the digital age – the history in between spans a good 300 years and a whole world unto itself. A look at the exciting history of BHS Corrugated.

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BHS Corrugated – employer of the future

As a market-leading technology provider and a job engine for an entire region, BHS Corrugated plans to invest even more heavily in attracting employees.

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Flow production in Weiherhammer

These investments and the new organization they are funding will serve to consolidate and expand our position as a market leader through more effective processes and structures.

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The Lifecycle Building in Weiherhammer

The Engel family of entrepreneurs is investing about 65 million euros in the construction of the sophisticatedly designed Lifecycle Building, an all-new, cutting-edge assembly hall, a corrugating roll production set-up and a restaurant for employees and customers.

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