Intelligent Corrugated Plants – With iCorr® and iCorr® |Operations Support from BHS Corrugated on the way to Corrugated 4.0

The Corrugated Board Industry has to face the new opportunities and challenges of digitalization. We at BHS Corrugated want to support our customers even better in the future. That is why we have combined our innovative products and services under a new family brand: 
iCorr®| Intelligent Corrugated Plants 
With the first product in the iCorr® family, iCorr® | Operations Support, the transformation from "classic" Remote Services to new, digital solutions – from predictive analyses to the use of artificial intelligence at the corrugator will be enabled. 
The first step into the world of iCorr® is a web-based internet platform to support your corrugator operations. Central data acquisition and intelligent alarm logic allow condition monitoring of all of your connected machines. This enables the analysis of correlations in both production and maintenance processes and provides detailed process insights. 
With the help of data preparation and visualization, the root cause of machine failures can be more easily investigated and production can be enhanced even more. 

Innovative Remote Services for production and maintenance – with iCorr® | Operations Support from BHS Corrugated on the way to Corrugated 4.0. 

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