iCorr® | Assist Glasses - Support services on a new level

With the help of the iCorr® | Assist Glasses you have the possibility to let the experts from BHS Corrugated take part in the events live via video connection. By transmitting the field of view with the help of an integrated camera, BHS Corrugated experts can follow what is happening on site. In this way, we can support your employees by appropriately displaying or providing documents via the display on the glasses, in solving the problem at hand, and also directing and guiding you with complex tasks.


This means, that not only faults can be eliminated more efficiently, also downtimes of the corrugator as well as cost- and time-intensive service interventions at the customer's site, can be reduced. You will not only save time and money, but also protect the environment, since virtual presence replaces some travel activities.


The essential prerequisite for the use of iCorr® | Assist Glasses is an existing iCorr® | Operations Support contract as well as a sufficiently good WLAN network coverage at the place of use with access to the Internet.

A technical description of the IT requirements will be provided on request.


If you are interested in using iCorr® | Assist Glasses on your corrugator in the future

or if you have questions, please send an e-mail to  icorrassist@bhs-corrugated.de.