iCorr® | Operations Support

iCorr® | Operations Support offers various online services for the performance and support of maintenance and production tasks and thus lays the foundation for innovative data-driven products and services up to the use of artificial intelligence in the corrugating plant. Flexible dashboards in combination with comprehensive reporting also help to increase transparency in the plant and to uncover optimization potentials.


By use of Condition Monitoring identifying production failures in advance and reducing downtimes to a minimum, iCorr® | Operations Support improves the availability, performance, productivity and output of the whole plant, increases process know-how and identifies potential to optimize the production process.

With condition monitoring and alarming, the operating states of the corrugator are recorded, and evaluated 24/7. By comparing actual values with defined target values, dangers can be detected by early alarming before consequential damage or unplanned downtimes jeopardize the production flow.


Production monitoring enables to monitor important parameters in real-time and to evaluate the most important production and process parameters such as speed, paper consumption, stop causes and machine settings. Automated analyses can quickly establish various relationships and initiate measures for further optimization. Simple user interfaces and various display options provide production-relevant parameters quickly and transparently. In the event of deviations, immediate action and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated. Evaluations include order, performance, quality and stop details over variable time periods which provide valuable information for calculating and determining the overall plant effectiveness.