BHS Corrugated - Supplier of driverless transport systems in the corrugated industry

Productivity – Availability – Efficiency. In hardly any other industry do efficiency factors play such a dominant role as in the corrugated industry. As the world market leader for corrugators, BHS Corrugated, has internalized the associated objectives. The goal – maximum efficiency and the resulting customer benefit – has also remained in focus when expanding the perspective to include the corrugated box plant.

BHS Intralogistics

KS Control, a specialist for the implementation of customized control, automation, and inspection solutions, was taken on board in order to make this process consistent.The foundation of BHS Intralogistics GmbH, a joint venture between BHS Corrugated and KS Control, now aims at a continuous automation of these work steps which is essentially achieved through the use of driverless transport systems, intelligent navigation with object recognition and the use of robot technology.