BHS Corrugated - Supplier of driverless transport systems in the corrugated industry

Productivity – Availability – Efficiency. In hardly any other industry do efficiency factors play such a dominant role as in the corrugated industry. As the world market leader for corrugators, BHS Corrugated, has internalized the associated objectives. The goal – maximum efficiency and the resulting customer benefit – has also remained in focus when expanding the perspective to include the corrugated box plant.


BHS Intralogistics

KS Control, a specialist for the implementation of customized control, automation, and inspection solutions, was taken on board in order to make this process consistent.The foundation of BHS Intralogistics GmbH, a joint venture between BHS Corrugated and KS Control, now aims at a continuous automation of these work steps which is essentially achieved through the use of driverless transport systems, intelligent navigation with object recognition and the use of robot technology.


BHS iMotion

A fully autonomous and digitalized process in material handling and referring data flow of paper rolls is prerequisite of a safe and lean handling process. BHS iMotion is the answer for this logistic challenge provided by the newly founded joint venture BHS Intralogistics. It’s main components are a fully automated clamp truck even capable to unload paper rolls from a truck without operator assistance, a central roll preparation station taking over the manual tasks from the operator in the wet-end and finally a swarm of shuttles conveying the paper rolls to and from the corrugator.
Step by step, our solutions will replace manual tasks, eliminate safety risks and support customer efficiency. In addition, the overall concept is modular. Depending on customer requirements, environment and infrastructure, all modules can be operated individually.