Corrugator Online Training - BHS Process Automation

To overcome human error and differences in operating between shifts, we try to produce as much as possible in automatic mode. In the recent years the main reason for more automatic functions is the machine speed. Operators have simply no time to manually adjust the short Order- and Quality lengths at higher speed. Automation can help in controlling our board quality within preset parameters. Although automation is a tool available, we should not forget that it is the operator responsible for the boardquality. Therefore, it is important that he is aware of how this automation works and all systems interface together.

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  • Reel Verification System (RVS)
  • Roll Supply Display System (RSDS)
  • Target Speed Control (TSC)
  • Zero Defect System (ZDS)
  • Board Dimension Control (BDC)
  • Preprint Camera
  • Automatic Quality Change (AQC)
  • Splice Synchronization System (SSS)
  • Warp Control System (WCS)
  • Production Data Analyzer (PDA)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


In this webinar we plan to share knowledge about some specially designed systems which can help us to control our machinery and processes better.


  • Knowledge about automation functions which can be installed on the corrugator
  • Understanding about control points for machinery operations where possible to influence on main machine parameters
  • Information about automation funtions which can influence the board quality directly or indirectly

Target group

  • Team-leaders and Supervisors
  • Operating personnel
  • Quality Assurence staff (QA)
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Production management
  • Pant management

Training methods

  • Presentations (modular)
  • Classroom (theory)
  • Videos/Animations
  • Discussions/Interactions


  • Basic knowledge about corrugated board production
  • Stable internet access
  • Sufficiently large monitor, Headset
  • Quiet environment


  • Web basierend virtual Classroom


  • English and German
  • Optional languages on request
  • If a translator is required, additional time and expense must be calculated


5 hours