For a high number of order changes - the Steady Line of BHS Corrugated

The Steady Line of BHS Corrugated is designed for customers with large number of order changes and medium output demand. Its constant speed allows frequent order and grade changes, enabling the corrugator to produce top-quality boards according to international standard.

The Steady Line is available in 1,800 mm and 2,200 mm. The Steady Line E has a  cruising speed of 180 m/min and is able to generate a monthly output up to 7 mil m². In addition to this our latest development, the Steady Line S, can run up to speed of 230m/min. This makes it able to generate a monthly output up to 8.5mil m².

Operating with the latest drive control technology, the Steady Line is equipped with BHS Corrugated “AC Energy Pool” system to optimize energy distribution and converts brake force into useful energy. This greatly reduces energy consumption - one of the Steady Line’s major advantages over the conventional corrugator.

Unlike conventional corrugators, the Steady Line of BHS Corrugated can produce higher production volume without frequent speed changes. The constant running speed ensures highest possible savings on steam and glue as well as significant reduction in waste. Therefore, the Steady Line is more cost effective due to its low waste and energy consumption.

The Heavy-duty design allows the BHS Corrugated Steady Line reaching a lifespan of up to 20 years with low maintenance expenses.


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