Extra wide solutions for Mega Plants - the Width Line of BHS Corrugated

The Width Line of BHS Corrugated was specially designed for paper manufacturers who wish to extend their value-added chain by expanding their corrugated board manufacturing. With their extra wide working width of 3,350 mm, these corrugators are highly efficient. Compared with machines of narrower working widths, Width machines reduce losses associated with trim and logistics expenses within a plant. Even if trim is reduced by just a few percent, a Width Line machine will quickly pay for itself.

Our Width Line features the world’s greatest working width of 3,350 mm – this should be of interest to manufacturers who want to use a paper machine for a continuous flow of material with maximum output. Although the demands on production volume and availability are correspondingly high, Width machines can meet those demands easily – all of their components are designed to operate for three or four shifts and run 24 hours a day. Our Width machines can reach a production speed of 350 m/min and an annual volume of 80,000 to 150,000 t.


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