Individual machines from BHS Corrugated: Profit from decades of experience and our comprehensive know-how!

The quality and functionality of individual machine units is a key success factor for operators of corrugators. All individual machines from BHS Corrugated are therefore designed in such a way that they can be integrated into existing corrugators as quickly and easily as possible: This applies to the integration of individual machines into the corrugators of both BHS Corrugated as well as those of other manufacturers. 

Customers who decide to modernize or retrofit their existing corrugators with new machinery benefit from decades of experience and comprehensive know-how which is reflected in our technical support and advice. From the point of commencing a project, this experience accompanies our customers through all phases of a project from planning to installation and commissioning, as well as downstream with comprehensive lifecycle services such as maintenance, spare parts and consumables support. 

The starting point for the planning of retrofit or upgrade measures, is always based on the short to medium-term needs of our customers. The resulting projects range from minor upgrades, replacement of individual machine units through to extensive, highly complex retrofits and complete step-by-step upgrades of corrugators, which can take several months or years.

Very important: In the course of the retrofitting work we carry out, our top priority is to maintain overall operations with consistently high productivity and efficiency!


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