Preheater: The best possible heat transport

Whether you choose an external Preheater with a Single Facer or a Triplex Preheater: With Preheaters from BHS Corrugated, you reach the desired process temperatures and required tension in the papers with equal reliability. This results in optimal bonding of the individual paper webs together with ideal flatness of the final corrugated board!

The least process effort possible

Producing corrugated board with flawless quality is always accompanied by the most efficient use of steam energy possible. Efficiency in the control and maintenance of the selected process temperatures also always means: The least process effort possible – as much as absolutely necessary!


Optionally speed- or temperature-controlled

By default, the Preheater drums have a diameter of 1,100 mm. They are designed for paper speeds up to 600 m/min. The drums ensure the best possible heat transport. With the help of the hinged tandem wrap rolls, it is possible to optionally control the paper wrapping (with automatically regulated cylinder contact) according to speed or temperature. The integrated pendular rolls balance out the web tension variances and potential fluctuations in the temperature transmissions.



  • Chromed cylinders: Not only do these ensure optimal heat transfer, they also guarantee a longer service life at the same time
  • Throughout the entire process, the electronic control system offers consistent, optimally tared web tension for all speed settings
  • Best possible use of the cylinder surface with the help of the tandem wrap rolls combined with control through chain wheels
  • All machines are safety-tested in the application areas
  • Simple threading of the paper with help from the threading guide
  • Various diameters for the best possible application in each case

The Preheater of BHS Corrugated fulfills norms EN 1010-1 and EN 1010-5, industry standard of the European CE-machine guideline


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