Quick Facer: Best Performance

The Quick Facer QF-P features a whole range of basic design principles from the highly successful Modul Facer® generation from BHS Corrugated. It has been designed to meet all current and future production and quality requirements, to reduce the cost of life to a minimum, and to offer an optimal price-performance ratio. With over 300 units delivered, the QF-P has time and again demonstrated its strength in worldwide use, particularly in Asian countries.

Vacuum system

The QF-P is manufactured according to the highest industry standards and is characterized by its robustness and high degree of resilience. The integrated vacuum system is easy to use and can be cleaned with minimal effort. It combines safe flute formation with optimal accessibility—at speeds of up to 300 m / min. The circumferential vacuum holes ensure stable positioning of the papers on the corrugating rolls—this also applies to the edges when narrow paper widths are being used. Since each individual cassette has its own suction boxes on the drive and operator side, the vacuum settings do not have to be adjusted or recalibrated. This makes for higher cassette changing speeds with minimal waste output.


The glue transfer via the SoftTouch function always enables optimal glue application with constant contact pressure.

Cassette change

The cassettes are moved to and from the machine manually or, optionally, via a motorized trolley. Cassette changes are possible from both the drive and operator side of the machine within ten minutes. An integrated electric drive motor is used as standard to move the cassettes into and out of the machine. The cassettes also have a quick steam and condensate connection plate, which allows quick and safe changes.


Easy maintenance

We have transferred the experience gained in the development of Single Facers to the QF-P. Also owing to an integrated service reminder system, maintenance requirements and the use of wear parts have been reduced to a minimum.


Quick installation

The Quick Facer QF-P is delivered completely “ready for installation.” All controls, including the machine control cabinets, are located directly on the machine. Its position at ground level simplifies installation and considerably minimizes project costs.



- Proven corrugated board geometry and cassette arrangement

- Highly robust and resilient

- Quick cassette changes

- Simplified operation and maintenance


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