Behind the scenes: iCorr® Assist Glasses at the BHS Corrugated Service Helpdesk


Helmut and Michael are experienced experts at the Helpdesk of BHS Corrugated and provide competent support to customers of BHS Corrugated, especially for electrical questions.

Over the past few months, both supporters have been able to gain experience with the service via iCorr® Assist Glasses, which they are happy to report on.

How long have iCorr® Assist Glasses been in use at your helpdesk?

We have been providing service to customers via iCorr® Assist Glasses for about nine months now. In addition to customer calls via the glasses, we are also happy to support our colleagues in the field via this new technology.

How often can you help customers via iCorr® Assist Glasses?

Service via iCorr® Assist Glasses is taking place more and more regularly. Of course, not every service case is suitable for use of the glasses. But when they are used, they add real value and make a significant contribution to problem solving. Test calls for new users of iCorr® Assist Glasses are also carried out with great success.

For which purposes are iCorr® Assist Glasses used in the context of service?

The team from our BHS Corrugated Helpdesk uses iCorr® Assist Glasses exclusively from the supporter side. The audio-visual support is mainly used for technical support, i.e. for identification of errors in case of machine malfunctions and their problem solving.

How quickly were you able to get used to this new form of support?

A short training session of one hour was quite enough to familiarize with the software used as part of iCorr® Assist Glasses. The supporter portal is structured clearly and easy to use. It was also easy to learn how to use the HMT (Head Mounted Tablet) during a short training session in less than a day. Practice calls were valuable here, so that all functions could be tested, and one could quickly get used to the voice control, which works really well. However, if a command is not immediately clear, all the important information can be easily looked up in brief tutorials, which are also available to the customer.

What advantages do you see in the use of iCorr® Assist Glasses for the customer?

The hardware used gives the customer the advantage of having both hands free when providing the service. The instructions the customer receives can immediately be put into practice straight away. This was not previously the case with service only via cell phone. It is also of immense advantage for supporters and customers that both can share a field of view. Supporters immediately see what customers see and thus can react directly. From an electrical point of view, the display of circuit diagrams on the HMT is also very helpful. This way, supporters and customers can analyze the technical basis together and speed up problem solving considerably.

What has been your greatest sense of achievement with iCorr® Assist Glasses so far?

What always pleases us most, both during test calls with customers or in actual practical cases, is the “wow effect”. Customers are always positively surprised about how easy it is to handle problems with iCorr® Assist Glasses and are impressed by the possibilities that the glasses offer for the future in case of an emergency. Whether it's a scheduled service call or an emergency, with the iCorr® Assist Glasses we, as helpdesk experts, are even closer to the customer at the plant and can provide digitally help and advice.