BHS Corrugated and LUCE Trust stand up for people in need in and from Ukraine


"As BHS Corrugated, we stand for peaceful coexistence worldwide and condemn acts of war of any kind. Therefore, in addition to our business activities, we are now focusing on humanitarian aid and support for those in need," explains Lars Engel, Managing Director of BHS Corrugated. Together with the Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Trust, the company is providing humanitarian aid for people in need and refugees in and from Ukraine.

A joint organization team has been set up to coordinate and implement the measures. Employees can contact a central e-mail address or personally a contact person of the team if they want to offer help. Of course, this contact is also available to those who need help themselves, for example, if family members are personally affected by the war situation. In weekly meetings, incoming requests and offers are discussed, and the implementation steps of the measures are planned. The team is also in close contact with the BHS office in Poland, which in turn supports Ukrainian and Polish customers.

Relief supplies transported to the Ukrainian border

A central collection point for relief goods has been set up on the company premises of BHS Corrugated. In cooperation with the neighboring logistics company Segerer - a long-standing partner of BHS Corrugated - and also the Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, BHS Corrugated organizes relief transports to the Ukrainian border.

Matthias Uri, Head of Global Manufacturing and Technology Solutions at BHS Corrugated, regularly undertakes journeys himself and reports: "In the area of Ukraine aid, much is done through private contacts and connections who act quickly, flexibly, and unbureaucratically, and actively offer help on site. That is why it is important to us to support these contacts in the same way. We have the organizational and technical possibilities to implement such trips. However, it is important that everyone decides for themselves personally how they can contribute to our support according to their individual capabilities."

Donation account set up

The organizing team can draw from a large donation pot. Shortly after the LUCE Trust had set up a donation account for the Ukraine relief effort, the Management of BHS Corrugated transferred 250,000.00 euros. This will be used to finance the relief supplies themselves and their transport, as well as transfers and accommodation for refugees. GKS GmbH, a partner company of BHS Corrugated for purchasing management, takes care of the necessary material purchases and can organize relief goods on a larger scale from the donations. Of course, the public can also contribute to the donation account. BHS Corrugated and the LUCE Trust are grateful for every donation, which in turn will be used for further relief measures.

Urgent search for accommodation

As part of our efforts to help refugees in our region, the company and the trust are working to find possible accommodation. Some employees have already offered private rooms and apartments. If there is enough housing available, the organization team wants to organize targeted transfers and bring people from the border to us in safety. Colleagues have also volunteered to help with everyday tasks, to accompany people to the authorities, or to interpret.

Language course as the key to integration

Language acquisition is an important step towards independence in a foreign country. This is why BHS Corrugated and the LUCE Trust, in cooperation with the Neustadt an der Waldnaab District Office, and the adult education center Weiden-Neustadt, have worked in recent weeks to offer a German language course for Ukrainian refugees. The language course is aimed primarily at women with children, because, parallel to the German course, the organizing team also offers pedagogical care for the children. The organization team of the integration course hopes that the participants will learn a lot and also make new contacts. Further measures for refugees in the area of learning and education - also for young people - are already on the agenda.

"The commitment from our workforce is remarkable. Many thanks to all those involved for the good cooperation in getting the aid projects up and running so quickly," says Christian Engel, Managing Director of BHS Corrugated.