BHS Corrugated Shanghai becomes Asia Regional Headquarters


A few days before the Chinese New Year, the application of BHS Corrugated Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for the Regional Headquarters (RHQ) has been approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.

The approval for the company upgrading into a RHQ has boosted all people in the company. The Asia Regional Headquarters status (RHQ) allows BHS Corrugated Shanghai to get more benefits in general and especially subsidies.

BHS Corrugated Shanghai performs the following functions:

  1. Investment and business operation decisions
  2. Capital operation and financial management
  3. Research development and technical supporting services
  4. Procurement, sale and marketing services
  5. Supply chain management and other logistics operation
  6. Shared services for intergroup companies and services outsourced for overseas companies
  7. Employee training and human resources management.


BHS Corrugated Shanghai is R&D and Service Center of as well as competence center corrugated machinery of BHS Corrugated for the Asia Pacific area.

With the great development opportunities brought by the construction of Five New areas and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, the company will continue to increase R&D investment to grow together with the development of the city.

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