Expert lecture by sports psychologist Dr. Tom Kossak at BHS Corrugated


The new year has begun, and many of us have made resolutions or goals for the new year. But how do you stay on the ball?

On Quitters Day (January 19) - the day when statistically most people throw their New Year's resolutions overboard - we invited sports psychologist Dr. Tom Kossak to join us virtually.

In the lecture "Overcoming your weaker self - pursuing goals in the long term", he explained the participating employees how to gather new motivation and pursue the goals they have set for the long term, based on scientific findings and his practical experience.

Thanks to Dr. Tom Kossak for the exciting and inspiring lecture!

The event was organized by our Corporate Health Management. Built on three pillars ("fitness", "nutrition" and mental health") this division offers a variety of measures for our employees to keep healthy and fit.