Lean assembly with more effective processes and structures

With the investments and the associated new organization, this market leader position will be consolidated and expanded through more effective processes and structures. In the future, BHS Corrugated will manufacture the single components of a corrugator in a lean production concept, which delivers completes the aggregates just in time, comparable to the automotive industry.
Thus the assembly time of a Modul Facer® will be shortened from currently three weeks, to six days.
Under the heading of “integrated factory” the company relies on a communication structure which on the one hand creates transparency, and on the other hand enables concentrated work of the employees in their different roles.  Through transnational process groups projects and process management will be exercised. Furthermore individual company divisions will be connected with each other. The open structure will further strengthen an open and trustful communication which is desired by the company. Intensive contacts to all schools, colleges, universities and research facilities have been rooted for a long time through lively designed networks. With the planned projects “Denkfabrik” and “Denkdorf” these contacts should be deepened and made perfect.