BHS Corrugated is one of Germany´s TOP 100 mid tier companies


BHS Corrugated has made a bound among the best in the 26th issue of the TOP 100 innovation challenge. On the basic of academic system TOP 100 evaluates the innovation management of mid tier companies and the following resulting innovation successes.

In the independent selection procedure BHS Corrugated convinced in category of companies with more than 1000 employees (based on the numbers of employees in Germany) especially in the category “innovative processes and organization”.

Mr. Christian and Lars Engel, managing directors of BHS Corrugated as well as Mr. Ludwig Biller, mayor of Weiherhammer, received the distinction in a ceremonial gala in the “Frankfurter Jahrhunderthalle” from Mr. Ranga Yogeshwar, tv moderator and mentor of TOP 100.

Since 1993 compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 seal for special innovative power and above average achievements to mid tier companies. This year, 398 companies applied for the TOP 100 award.

BHS Corrugated is proud of receiving this great award and would like to thank all those who have contributed to that success.