Remote Support from BHS Corrugated


In order to be available for our customers at any time location and time, we have already started to build up our remote support service in 2019. Whether for individual machines or entire corrugators, our service offers our customers the necessary security for trouble-free operation. However, Remote Support is not only used in case of problems. We support our customers with this service in a wide variety of use cases, from development to commissioning and throughout the rest of the life cycle. For example, more than 90% of all machine startups worldwide are supported remotely.

No matter which service level agreement they choose: Our trained team is available around the clock to support throughout the entire lifecycle of the corrugator. 

The benefits:

  • Fast and cost-effective assistance: Our experienced experts are available without delay and additional travel costs.
  • High productivity of the corrugator during installation and start-up.
  • Fast problem solution already at the first request.
  • Minimum start-up time, efficient troubleshooting and reduced downtime. 
  • Together, we have also reduced our CO2 footprint with Remote-Support having replaced more than 1,000 on-site visits annually.


For more information or interest in our Remote Support Service please get in touch with your personal contact person at BHS Corrugated!

For remote support, our service experts have access to our well-equipped Operations Room.