BHS Corrugated completes several customer projects successful and on time

Even in times of COVID-19, the team of BHS Corrugated has been able to complete numerous installation projects successfully and on time.


This includes the installation of a Cutoff at one of our customers in South America. The machine was installed and commissioned by local personnel with our specialists from Weiherhammer assisting remotely via iCorr® Assist Glasses.


We were also able to remotely assist start-ups with the help of  iCorr® Assist Glasses at a Warp Control System (WCS) installation in Korea and the start-up of a new Splicer in Spain.  


These excellent results were achieved due to the fast reaction time and successful performance of our employees of BHS Corrugated worldwide.


We would like to thank all participants for their cooperation and their achievements in this special time.


Below you will find current information about the availability of BHS Corrugated during COVID-19:

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