FEFCO Gold Award

BHS Corrugated wins FEFCO Gold Award „Best Innovation“

On the last day of FEFCO 2017 in Vienna/Austria, BHS Corrugated received the FEFCO Gold award for best innovation: The new Modul Facer MF-A.

The Modul Facer MF-A sets new standards regarding machine intelligence, automation and operator friendliness.

An employee from machinery sales department of BHS Corrugated who gave a presentation about the Modul Facer MF-A, on the first day of FEFCO 2017, and received a throughout positive feedback of the audience, received the award.

BHS Corrugated is proud to win the FEFCO Gold Award and is striving to repeat this success with more high-tech innovations.

We would like to thank all visitors who came to our exhibition booth at FEFCO 2017 in Vienna. We are looking forward to see you also at the next FEFCO, in 2019.

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