NICE Rolls

NICE Rolls®

NICE Rolls® provides corrugating rolls at guaranteed and protectable prices. Investments with high capital commitment are thing of the past.

Maximum Availability
With NICE Rolls® from BHS Corrugated, you receive Corrugating Rolls exactly at the time they are required. BHS Corrugated ensures the regular supply regarding sourcing, supply and inventory for you.

Avoidance of capital commitment and inventory
You do not buy corrugating rolls, neither do you invest in their replacement. BHS Corrugated remains the owner of the parts and is therefore responsible for capital commitment. Thus, the risk of obsolete parts and high inventory costs is a thing of the past for you.

Performance related Invoicing
Corrugatig Rolls are exclusively invoiced in relation to performance based on linear meters, which means at a fixed price per million linear meters of board produced. BHS Corrugated assumes responsibility for wear risk and capital commitment for you, which makes your production costs constant and projectable.

NICE Rolls® - Your Advantages

  • Spare Rolls available
  • Half-yearly inspection and Single Facer check
  • Quarterly charging of the produced linear meters
  • Participation in continual technical improvement
  • Training of the employees at the BHS Corrugated Innovision Center

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