Restaurant Elements - "Fine Dining"

Restaurant Elements - "Fine Dining" at headquarters of BHS Corrugated

At the first floor of the restaurant the motto is “Fine Dining”. At that place, BHS Corrugated hosts customers, during the day. However, in the evening the public can test the international culinary delights of the gastronomy team of the company. To pick up these elements, the restaurant is named “Elements”.
Inside the restaurant there are seats for 60 guests, in the connected outdoor area 80 seats are available. On Sunday, the guests can enjoy brunch. “ We put great emphasis on regional as well as seasonal cuisine”, explains Christian Engel, “but we are also confident to get cooks from all over the world.” This means that the restaurant will offer special campaigns at given intervals. “If you go, for example, to a chinese restaurant in the Upper Palatinate, then this food does not taste like in China. For special food campaigns we streghten our team with a cook from China, Thailand, USA or Brazil, for half a year.”
Apart from that, regionality is predominant in both restaurant. For example, a part of the Beckenweiher should be fenced off for breed of trouts and chars. In the adjoining green belt, hives shall deliver the own honey for the cuisine. “Quality has the highest priority for us”, underlines Thomas Wenger, chef de cuisine.
To experience this quality, NEWS, as well as Elements can be booked for family parties, customer events, and much more.

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