The basis of our training and coaching programs is the communication of knowledge and the translation into expertise and skill.

Apart from our efficient machines, it is the people working with them who also decide on your success. It is therefore our declared
objective to set standards in the sector of training. Thanks to our wide range of training measures, maintenance technicians, operating personnel, corrugator operators,
and production managers are kept updated, and valuable expert knowledge is communicated, making your employees and your corrugator genuine high performers.

Apart from our regularly held standard training, we also offer individual training measures customized for your team. It is understood that we take different qualification
levels into consideration. The training measures can be held optionally at our training center Innovision Center® or at your corrugator.

Trainings 2020

Online Seminars:


  • Corrugator Online Training - Glue/Starch


18.08.2020 english

25.08.2020 german

08.09.2020 english

15.09.2020 german

06.10.2020 english


  • Corrugator Online Training - Paper


19.08.2020 english

26.08.2020 german

09.09.2020 english

16.09.2020 german

07.10.2020 english


  • Corrugator Online Training - Corrugated Board Quality


20.08.2020 english

27.08.2020 german

10.09.2020 english

17.09.2020 german

08.10.2020 english


  • Modul Facer MF-A Basics and Maintenance


22.09. - 23.09.2020 english

27.10. - 28.10.2020 english

10.11. - 11.11.2020 english

08.12. - 09.12.2020 english


  • Troubleshooting Methods Online Training


24.09.2020 english

29.10.2020 english

12.11.2020 english

10.12.2020 english


  • Corrugator Online Training Advanced


28.09. - 01.10.2020 english

12.10. - 15.10.2020 english


Classroom Seminars in Weiherhammer:


  • Corrugator Training Seminar Basic


22.09. - 24.09.2020 english

20.10. - 22.10.2020 german


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