Partnerships & involvement

Strong alone, stronger together: We rely on partnerships and networks, in particular, to help you during your vocational education and training, your studies, and while balancing family and work. But also, to play a crucial role in shaping the future of our region: Our openness to make change happen is reflected in our local engagement while it is benefitting our employees at the same time.

Vocational and further education and training

The intercompany training center in Eastern Bavaria, short: ÜBZO, is our educational institution for the digital age. With practice-oriented courses and training sessions, we optimally prepare our junior professionals, technical specialists, and executives for the new challenges in their jobs.

To attract vibrant young talents, we are part of the Vocational Training Initiative in Bavaria (Ausbildungsoffensive Bayern), a project initiated by the Employers' Associations for the Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Industries. It informs young people about the many options and prospects provided – for example, at BHS Corrugated.

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Degrees and research

With regard to dual studies and research projects, we work closely with the Eastern Bavarian Technical Colleges (OTH) in Regensburg and Amberg-Weiden. Together, we examine future topics, from human-machine interaction to the influence of the climate on production facilities (example: corrugated cardboard production in sub-/tropical climates!). In cooperation with the colleges, our employees and students develop the latest research results to be used for our practice. Openness to make change happen? One hundred percent!

The German Scholarship promotes particularly high-performing students. We are involved: We are contributing financially and investing in our top employees and future successes!

Family and job

As part of the Alliance for Families of the district of Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab and the City of Weiden, we exchange ideas with other companies in the Upper Palatinate region regarding the balance between family and work, and put new ideas into practice. Over the years, we have already received several awards for family friendliness from the Alliance for Families.

The federal program "Family as Success Factor" is planning to develop family friendliness into a trademark of the German economy. Initiators: the Federal Ministry for Families, the Central Association of the German Industry, and the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB). And it is needless to say that BHS Corrugated is a part of it – as family-run and family-friendly business.

The future: Vocational education and training 4.0 for the company and employees of tomorrow and beyond!

The Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Trust promotes projects crucial for the development of the technology and industry of the Upper Palatinate. It is the driving force behind a network of municipalities, institutions, colleges, research and educational providers. Together, they develop future vocational, further education and training concepts in the knowledge region of the Upper Palatinate: Vocational education and training 4.0 for the company and employees of tomorrow and beyond!

The pioneering institutions and projects of the LUCE foundation include DENKWELT Upper Palatinate, Alliance for Vocational Education and Training in Eastern Bavaria (ABBO), Intercompany Training Center in Eastern Bavaria (ÜBZO) and Center for Artificial Intelligence (KIZ).

Isn't the lighthouse project Agile living in old age (ALIA) about life, and not really about learning? On the contrary! In cooperation with committed and responsible people of all generations, a vision of the future is developed for a generation-friendly community. Digital solutions are also incorporated both in the architectural planning or preventative health care. And: They learn from and with each other every day!

The LUCE Trust not only supports the region with its projects, but it is also clearly committed to its location and the people who live and work here!

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Strong association partner

The Employer Associations of the Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Industries help shape the commercial, social, and political framework conditions in Bavaria. They support companies in maintaining and expanding their competitiveness – within Bavaria, Germany, Europe and worldwide. This makes the employer associations a crucial partner for us – and for your career at BHS Corrugated.

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