Digital workplace at BHS Corrugated

Our digital solutions make BHS Corrugated twice as compelling to our clients and all employees! As innovator and market leader, lifecycle enterprise and creator of Box Plant 2025, we provide extremely exciting projects and jobs. At the same time, we rely on the digitalization of internal communications and process designs. In doing so, we maximize the confidence and freedom of action for each individual!

What does digitalization mean?

For BHS Corrugated, digitalization means the following: We develop and secure the future by means of

  • new technologies such as our digital iCorr® service platform, our business model of the future – or the use of virtual reality headsets for remote service purposes at our clients all over the world.
  • state-of-the-art online communication: Mobile work (in all EU-countries) is just as natural to us as the close cooperation between sites, countries, and continents, as well as common digital learning, for example, through online workshops.
  • digitalization of processes within project and human resources management. Your benefit: You will be able to fully focus on your core tasks – while always maintaining the overview over your projects and career.

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Increased level of confidence AND freedom!

Building a corrugated box plant is a very complex process. The period from the preparation of a quote all the way to commissioning at the client lasts several months. If a single problem arises, the entire further process will be held up. To allow for an uninterrupted and maximum successful performance, we network the work steps across all stations, and coordinate them optimally.

Your benefit, as a technical specialist or manager alike, is the greatest possible confidence in your action within your field of responsibility. At the same time, digital processes open up new levels of freedom of action to you. For example: In the past, employees in controlling had inflexible positions. Nowadays, their roles are flexible. As service-oriented business partner, they are the central place to go to for a wide variety of requests.

"Whenever computers can take over routine work for us, totally new opportunities will emerge. We can take on jobs that are more compelling, enjoy a higher level of freedom and responsibility – and thus can focus our attention on what is really important."

Frank Schieder (Senior Consultant EAM & Strategy) about New Work at BHS Corrugated

Change: Digitalization opens up new opportunities, also to you!

Skillful responses to change. Great benefits from change. Promotion of positive change: In terms of digitalization, striving for change is also

  • strengthening our position as leader of the global market,
  • attracting specialists and executives who are welcome to, able to and should tackle and change things around, and 
  • reinforcing the security of the workplaces at BHS Corrugated!

Not to mention, a company with a strong future such as BHS Corrugated is the best guarantee for secure workplaces and diverse career opportunities!

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