Productivity service & training: Succeeding even under complex conditions

The productivity of the corrugator is one of the biggest factors for success in corrugated board manufacturing. Yet every company has its own prerequisites – from the technical condition of their equipment to the process technology they use and how experienced their workers are. How can you succeed and remain successful in spite of all this complexity? Through Productivity Service & Training – a proven and effective tool.

The PEM Masterplan: systematically boost productivity

For lasting increases in productivity, you need to optimize a complex system. Here at BHS Corrugated, we can help you do just that with our Productivity Service.
The custom-tailored approach of our Masterplan – analysis, solution concept, implementation – ensures that you get the best possible result and fast.

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The BHS Corrugated Masterplan for systematic productivity optimization.
Your workers want to help your corrugator perform at its best – with the right training, they can do it.

Training: knowledge and skills for high performers

Our powerful machines are not the only key factor to your success – the people who work with them are important too. Sign up for our training programs, and turn both your equipment and your workers into high performers. Learn more about our wide range of training courses for maintenance technicians, operators and production managers!

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iCorr®: Digital solutions for production optimization

Digital solutions from the iCorr® portfolio of BHS Corrugated offer you optimal opportunities to enhance your productivity through the use of data. For example, iCorr® Operations Support (OS) offers various online tools for service provision and maintenance and production support.

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iCorr® – the data-driven approach to production optimization.