Benefits programs at BHS Corrugated

We go above and beyond – because you are important to us. We want you to feel at home at BHS Corrugated, get involved and achieve your goals, as an individual, and as a junior employee, specialist or executive. We support our employees during their vocational education and training, their personal professional development, and with major additional benefits. Check out some examples here!

Individual training and further education

Do you feel the urge to change and get ahead, both personally and professionally? We will give you our individual and systematic support to do so, and will cover up to 100 percent of the expenses for

  • further qualifications related to your profession,
  • specialized and language courses,
  • technical, engineering, and master classes, as well as
  • part-time studies in addition to your job.

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Benefits for apprentices and students

We make sure that our young talents, in particular, receive benefits. In addition to those that apply to all our employees, apprentices and employees who study part-time alongside their jobs enjoy benefits beyond the general standard, such as:

  • an annual fest held for apprentices ("Stiftenfest" (apprentice fest))
  • free English language courses
  • for the class B driver's license: first-aid class, financial aid, and leave for the official test
  • reimbursement of travel expenses to vocational school
  • bonus for report cards and certificates
  • usually, permanent employment after completing a successful apprenticeship
  • regular training and further education in our own training center (ÜBZO)

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Apprenticeships at BHS Corrugated

Bonuses & benefits for all employees

  • Nationwide attractive remunerations
  • Vacation and Christmas bonuses
  • Bonuses for improvement suggestions

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  • Capital-building payment schemes (with personal professional consultation)
  • Corporate retirement scheme through a provident fund
  • Free group accident insurance
  • For commercial employees: free work clothing by Engelbert Strauss
  • Free access to the company gym all day
  • Campaign "JobRad"
  • Occupational disability insurance
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Freedom, opportunities, appreciation

  • Mobile work as a model of choice
  • Flexible work time and work time account
  • Individually adapted work hours scheme
  • Opportunity to participate in cross-border projects and assignments abroad
  • Awards and bonuses for anniversaries
  • 30 days of vacation
  • Special leave for special occasions (birth, wedding, anniversary …)

Family-friendly business

BHS Corrugated is a family-run and family-friendly business. We support parents in their effort to create a good balance between family and work. Examples:

  • Welcome gifts for newborns
  • Childcare allowance
  • Potential recuperation allowance for the family vacation trip
  • Open doors for your kids during summer break ("BHS Corrugated summer break childcare") and on the Day of Prayer and Repentance ("BHS Corrugated Kids Day")
  • Annual company party for the whole family

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Wellness area with massage bench.

Promoting fitness & health

Get fit and stay healthy: Our targeted health management supports you, for example, by means of

  • Competent corporate medical care
  • Around the clock fitness classes and gym with free of charge workout on exercise equipment
  • Massages
  • Workshops
  • Free beverage and fruit selection

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