Vocational education and training at BHS Corrugated

We cherish our young talents. Therefore, we support and encourage you during your vocational education and training, wholeheartedly and with full commitment. We see to it that you feel at ease, discover and develop your strengths to be able to get ahead already as a junior employee. At our company, you can achieve your goals regardless of whether in the field of engineering, management, IT or service. Start your career at BHS Corrugated into a future filled with opportunities and prospects!

Welcome to the leading vocational trainer in the region!

Our goal is to see you become a top technical specialist! An apprenticeship at BHS Corrugated ensures the best starting opportunities on the job market, while we make sure to employ the best young talents. That is why your job will not just consist of making coffee. At our company, you systematically build up your expertise and skills - always guided by experienced colleagues.

Every year, about 50 - 60 apprentices start their career at our headquarters in Weiherhammer. Before your first day as an apprentice, we will already be in close contact with you. We exchange ideas and prepare you well, for example, with a meet and greet event and an education week. The transition from school to a job is quite exciting: We will be by your side and have your back!

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"Before starting the apprenticeship, all apprentices were invited to a meet and greet event. The training instructors were invited too. "That was extremely helpful. On the first day of my apprenticeship, I had already met many of the people, and therefore it was easier to focus and take in everything from the very start."

Frederika Schröder, Industrial Mechanic in Automation and Machinery at BHS Corrugated

BHS Corrugated & ÜBZO: Here, you get (far) ahead!

One special feature is our ÜBZO, the intercompany training center in Eastern Bavaria. Here, the apprentices intensively practice the basics of their craft in their skilled trade. And all others may have a try, too. After all, we build machinery – and even those who work in administration at BHS Corrugated have a good idea of how a corrugated box plant is built and how it operates.

Frederika's successful career as an apprentice

Frederika Schröder completed her apprenticeship as industrial mechanic in automation and machinery. Today, she is building machines and is bearing plenty of responsibility. In her job, she enjoys the variety and freedom: "I am allowed to try out things and work in new fields!“ Find out more about Frederika and her mechanical skills in the industry here!

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 Portrait: Frederika Schröder.
"My colleagues welcomed me with a great openness" Frederika Schröder remembers about her start at BHS Corrugated. "Inside the hall, we are all equal."
Workbench in the training center of BHS Corrugated.

Regular training and further education

Building up expertise and keeping your skills current, gaining new experiences, receiving vocational training and further education: This is what you can and should (!) do at the ÜBZO training center. From engineering to IT, communication to management: Our wide range of regular training and further education programs is the impetus in your career. At the ÜBZO training center, you develop your professional and personal strengths. Your ambitious goals are always welcome. And we will support you in achieving them. Even if you decide after a few years to aim for further training as master craftswoman/craftsman, or master technician, for example.

Apprenticeship 2023: Apply now!

Whether you are interested in manufacturing, administration, IT, or service: Secure your apprenticeship placement at BHS Corrugated now.

Apprenticeships at BHS Corrugated    Tips for your application

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