Single Facer – for a multitude of requirements

With more than 2,000 Single Facers sold, BHS Corrugated is the most famous and largest manufacturer and developer of Single Facers worldwide. Whether via cassettes or modular, via pressure rolls or belts, whether machines are operated with positive or negative pressure — BHS Corrugated offers its customers a wide range of solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. The basis for this is the consistently high performance and efficiency of our standard models Quick Facer QF, Econo Facer EF, Cassette Facer CF and Modul Facer® MF which are able to produce the flute profiles required by our customers for all available paper types and working widths up to 3,350 mm. Depending on model and connected environment, the use of Single Facers can achieve production speeds of up to approximately 500 m/min.

Cassette Facer CF-A
Econo Facer EF-P
Modul Facer® MF-A

The features at a glance

Modul Facer®

Maximum performance, maximum automation, maximum flexibility

The Modul Facer® MF-A concept offers customers a completely new dimension of flexibility. Each corrugating roll module can be used in any position at any time, whether as swivel or lifting module. This simplifies and speeds up the operation of systems—even more since the number of flute changes in the corrugated board industry tends to increase within shifts.

Automatic flute changes in the machine can be accomplished with downtimes of only three minutes. The preheated corrugating rolls ensure the highest quality of corrugated board when you restart.

The glue transfer via the SoftTouch function always enables optimal glue application with constant contact pressure.

The Modul Facer®'s performance is aimed at production speeds of up to 480 m / min.

RFID - the MF-A’s “brain”

An essential factor for the Modul Facer®’s high process intelligence is the use of RFID technology (RFID = “Radio Frequency Identification”) as an integral part of the corrugated roll modules. By default, RFIDs store a complete set of setting parameters for communicating with the machine. In the course of flute changes, the RFID chip sends the optimal parameters to the MF-A and automatically makes the “correct” decisions without the need for manual intervention.

Each corrugating roll module has its own RFID chip. The parameters specific to the corresponding module are then scanned by the machine and the settings are automatically adapted to the respective flute. All information on production parameters, such as running meters produced, are re-programmed onto the corrugating roll set. Data loss can be eliminated.

Installation and commissioning: Off to a great start!

With professional installation and start-up, BHS Corrugated lays the foundation for long-term success of your Modul Facer®. All parameters and settings are adapted to one another and optimized based on your requirements for production and processes. The MF-A does not require a complex foundation pit. The groundwork is considerably reduced, which saves costs and time. The installation of the MF-A also takes little time. The prefabricated and tested modules can be quickly assembled; all controls, including the machine control cabinets, are located directly on the machine.

  • No foundation works required
  • Construction of the machine at ground level
  • No excavation pit required
  • Less downtime


Maintenance: For the life of your Modul Facer®

Our maintenance services include preventive maintenance for high system availability and ultimately lower your maintenance costs. We also offer coaching to help your own staff handle some or all of these services.

Repairs: fast and knowledgeable assistance

If your Modul Facer® goes down, you have to act fast. One call to our service hotline is enough. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will immediately dispatch a highly qualified technician to correct the problem, minimizing downtimes.

Cassette Facer

Cassette Facer

Belt meets cassette

Positioned between the Econo Facer and the Modul Facer®, the Cassette Facer - CF-A is aimed at customers who want to use proven belt technology in cassette machines, especially when processing lighter grammages. The CF-A is specifically targeted at the markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East, addressing their growing demand for lighter paper grades and improved printability. 


Use of proven technology 

  • CF-A's belt technology ensures optimal quality of the corrugated surface and creates the necessary conditions for later printing on the inside of the corrugated board. 
  • Inclined belt conveyor is identical to the MF-A. 
  • Motorized cassette feeding can be done from both the drive side and the operator side. 
  • Glue application via "Soft-Touch." 
  • Central control system with touch panels and visualization to keep individual parameters always in view. 
  • Machine safety concept and machine status are also at the highest level. 

Suitable for light to heavy grammages 

The CF-A responds to the trend of increasingly lighter grammages. With the heavy-duty machine configuration the CF-A suits also for heavy board production. 

Compact design 

The design of the Cassette Facer is remarkably compact. This not only allows for integration in limited production space but also facilitates retrofitting existing lines, especially due to easier installation at ground level. 

Maintenance-friendly machine 

The CF-A has been designed to be particularly low-maintenance by reducing the total number of potential wear parts. This is made possible by using vacuum technology, to hold the medium to the rolls. This technology has been hundreds of times successfully operated by BHS Corrugated customers,  

Econo Facer

Econo Facer

Improved performance and higher speed 

The Econo Facer now fits well into a 1300 ft / min corrugator. It achieves production speeds of up to 1400 ft / min, thus outperforming the Advance Facer by 260 ft /min. It is designed in a working width of 110″ and therefore ideally equipped for all current and future requirements. Its highly efficient, water-cooled torque motor generates an increase of traction on the corrugating roll by 60%. Especially for the processing of heavy papers, the web tension is a decisive criterion for success. The improvement of traction enables significantly faster production speeds – even for heavy board grades. 

Compact machine design 

Irrespective of whether you upgrade your existing corrugator with a new Econo Facer or integrate it into a new line: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Econo Facer requires little space and ensures easy installation on a level and flat foundation – even if the corrugator layout has already been specified.  

Not only does our new Single Facer convince by its technical features – also from its outer appearance, the facelift becomes apparent. The Econo Facer appears in our new design and is therefore also a visual upgrade for your corrugator. Likewise, the visualization on the control panel of the Econo Facer was adjusted to our latest Style Guide, thus providing increased ease of use with greater clarity.  

Highest safety standards 

The new machine design with a housing for the heating elements and a new safety concept ensure highest safety standards.  

To increase operational reliability even further, our FaceAligner – known from our Modul Facer® – is also available for the Econo Facer as an option. The FaceAligner offers perfect alignment of medium and liner paper to each other and to corrugator centerline, and the glue dams always follow the narrowest paper with the result: clean machines and no glue on the corrugating rolls – no sporadic medium fluff-out, and consequential stops in the corrugator!  

Significant increase of heating capacity not requiring a larger installation space 

The new heating cylinder PH 900 with associated hot plate has provided a boost in heating capacity of 70%. 

Mature technology 

The Econo Facer is based on decades of a long-established mature technology that has already proven successful worldwide with the Advance Facer. The corrugating roll cassettes of the Advance Facer and Econo Facer are therefore identical and can be interchanged – an advantage not to be underestimated especially for customers with large machinery. Likewise, the elaborate and well-known corrugating roll cassette magazine is available on drive side for up to three sets for the Econo Facer as well – this ensures short corrugating roll change times.  

Quick Facer

Outstanding performance

The Quick Facer QF-P features a whole range of basic design principles from the highly successful Modul Facer® generation from BHS Corrugated. It has been designed to meet all current and future production and quality requirements, to reduce the cost of life to a minimum, and to offer an optimal price-performance ratio. With over 300 units delivered, the QF-P has time and again demonstrated its strength in worldwide use, particularly in Asian countries.

Vacuum system

The QF-P is manufactured according to the highest industry standards and is characterized by its robustness and high degree of resilience. The integrated vacuum system is easy to use and can be cleaned with minimal effort. It combines safe flute formation with optimal accessibility—at speeds of up to 300 m / min. The circumferential vacuum holes ensure stable positioning of the papers on the corrugating rolls—this also applies to the edges when narrow paper widths are being used. Since each individual cassette has its own suction boxes on the drive and operator side, the vacuum settings do not have to be adjusted or recalibrated. This makes for higher cassette changing speeds with minimal waste output.


The glue transfer via the SoftTouch function always enables optimal glue application with constant contact pressure.

Cassette change

The cassettes are moved to and from the machine manually or, optionally, via a motorized trolley. Cassette changes are possible from both the drive and operator side of the machine within ten minutes. An integrated electric drive motor is used as standard to move the cassettes into and out of the machine. The cassettes also have a quick steam and condensate connection plate, which allows quick and safe changes.

Easy maintenance

We have transferred the experience gained in the development of Single Facers to the QF-P. Also owing to an integrated service reminder system, maintenance requirements and the use of wear parts have been reduced to a minimum.

Quick installation

The Quick Facer QF-P is delivered completely “ready for installation.” All controls, including the machine control cabinets, are located directly on the machine. Its position at ground level simplifies installation and considerably minimizes project costs.


  • Proven corrugated board geometry and cassette arrangement
  • Highly robust and resilient
  • Quick cassette changes
  • Simplified operation and maintenance

Single Facer in detail

Glue application concept

In close contact

All Single Facers supplied by BHS Corrugated are equipped with the patented "SoftTouch” glue application concept. In contrast to conventional systems, glue application via SoftTouch ensures permanent, direct contact with the corrugated roll across the corrugator’s entire working width. In this way, the gluing of the corrugated board can be optimized despite the reduced consumption of glue, thereby achieving a higher overall quality of the corrugated board. At the same time, this helps reduce waste output.

Machine safety

The highest standards

Adherence to high standards and compliance with strict regulations are crucial to ensure the safety of users. The quality of the machines also contributes significantly to this. Our products meet these requirements and we do everything we can to ensure that they meet the highest standards. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

Our solutions for your corrugator

Our Portfolio includes single machines, complete lines and connect process- and control systems under the topic Corrugated 4.0.


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