Work-life balance & family

BHS Corrugated is a family-run business – one reason, why we place great importance on family-friendliness. We support young parents when returing from parental leave, or by providing childcare during summer break. Find out about our family-friendly policies here, and how we assist with the work-life balance of all employees!

Enjoy a good job, and a good life

Our Lifecycle Building at the headquarters in Weiherhammer provides technically well-equipped workplaces. We are all for ergonomic workstations, whether in the office or in manufacturing. You can also adjust your work hours to suit your personal needs. Flexible work hours and work hour accounts are standard at our company – as is the "unlimited" vacation planning policy. Mobile working, not only in Germany but in all EU countries, offers you maximum flexibility.

Night shot of a building with curves and blue light effects.
Welcome to the workplace of the future at the Lifecycle Building at our headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany.
Contemporary spaces; a production hall separated by a glass wall.
Modern architecture, stunning views inside and outside...
A lounge area with contemporary seating elements and multiple wall monitors.
... An appealing ambiente contributes to the sense of well-being in our Lifecycle Building.
A workspace at BHS Corrugated with desks and two sofas.
Ergonomic workstations. Full transparency. In the middle of the comfort zone: The design of the Lifecycle Building promotes focussed work habits and stimulating exchanges alike.
The Lifecycle building at the headquarters of BHS Corrugated in Weiherhammer.
Connectedness: Management, production, company restaurant, gym and much more are combined under one roof in the Lifecycle Building. This is where you meet. You quickly get to know many colleagues.

Of course: Manufacturing takes place on site. However, management and desk work can also be carried out from home or on the road. More and more, we rely on mobile work. Speaking of mobile: Not only is it easy to reach our headquarters on two or four wheels. Train connections – for example, from Nürnberg or Weiden – are also great. And the train station is only a few minutes away by foot from the company premises. This means: short distances, more free time.

A young man is sitting with his notebook on a dock at a pond.

On the way from the train station to BHS Corrugated, you pass a picturesque pond. It borders directly onto our property. During lunch break, you can go jogging, walking, or simply relax and have lunch at the waterside... a dream: Your workplace at BHS Corrugated turns into a local recreation area! Our fitness options – free of charge for all employees – also support a good work-life balance.

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At BHS Corrugated, we are on fire for our projects and products, and for our clients. However, we make sure that you will not burn out with all that commitment. By means of burn-out prevention through external counselors provided if necessary.

Advancement: How convenient!

"Open to change" is our motto. Exercise is beneficial – not only on the treadmill in our gym, but also figuratively. We facilitate your career path, as well as your regular training and further development. You can, for example,

  • take on new jobs and tasks at BHS Corrugated,
  • gain experience at our international locations, or in one of our branches worldwide, and/or
  • be involved in our international and intercultural projects, also in responsible positions.

Always set and achieve new goals: With individual career models, we remain successful together – and ensure a high level of satisfaction in the workplace.

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A young woman with a suitcase on wheels is leaving a modern building.

BHS Corrugated: Families in balance

Work hour schemes for parents

We will share your happiness, if you start a family, or have a new addition to the family. Special leave for the birth, a gift for the newborn: it is a point of honor. And it goes without saying that we will ease you back in after you return to your job from the paternal leave. Let us discuss a flexible part-time model tailored specifically to your situation in life! We also help young parents financially: with subsidies for childcare costs.

Childcare during breaks and travel grants

Summer comes – and with it, daycare and summer break. Our childcare during summer break relieves the strain on parents and delights the kids. And if you decide to go on a trip, our employees may apply for rest and recuperation benefits: This is a financial aid for the trip. Whether beach or ski vacations: What is more, you can book your trip at our travel agency FIVE. at the Weiherhammer site.

On the Day of Prayer and Repentance, BHS Corrugated celebrates Kids‘ Day!

Daycare and schools are closed – but the work still needs to be done: For many parents, the Day of Prayer and Repentance is a challenge: Do I have to take another day of leave? Do I have to arrange for an emergency care? We are solving the problem by organizing the BHS Corrugated Kids‘ Day: At the location in Weiherhammer, a team of professionals cares for the kids for the entire workday. While the little ones play, frolic and solve exciting puzzles, Mama and Papa can concentrate on their work in peace. By the way: At the annual company party held for the whole family, the young will have a lot to marvel and enjoy!

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