Productivity training – because people are the key to success

Modern equipment and automation have brought corrugated board production a long way, but the people running your corrugator can still make or break your operation. The companies with the best-qualified workers are also the top performers. This is where BHS Corrugated comes in: We focus on custom-tailored training programs on every aspect of corrugated board production.

Standard or customized – your site or ours

Our training courses cover two basic areas: one is process technology and processes, and the other is maintenance and technology.
In addition to this regularly held standard training, we also offer special courses individually tailored to your team. Of course, these courses can also be adapted to various qualification levels.
Training sessions can be held either at our Innovision Center® or at your location, using your corrugator.

Right on your own equipment or at the BHS Corrugated Innovision Center® – training gives your staff both know-how and motivation.

Process technology and processes

Efficiently commissioning and starting up machines, understanding processes, boosting productivity and final product quality – in all these areas, well-qualified workers make the difference. We provide the knowledge and the “tools” that professionals need in order to perform reliably and efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

Process Training

Process Training

The foundation for successful star-up and operation

If you want to get off to a really good start with your new corrugator, this training is an absolute must. You will also want this course for any new employees you hire as machine operators. It can also be done as a full additional shift. The equipment safety instruction is especially important. A well-trained operator is much better prepared for their daily tasks. Of course, the workers’ initial level of training is important, and previous experience in the industry can be a big help. Nonetheless, many operators will be new to this kind of equipment. Skilled, confident operators play an important role in the success of your commissioning process. Our training gives your workers the know-how to power through their daily tasks and produce a high-quality product.

Operators are given a better overview of all the functions of the corrugator, including hands-on training on getting the corrugator started up. We combine theory (classroom instruction) with hands-on training on the corrugator. The training program is adapted to your specific corrugator configuration and your production mix.

  • This training helps ensure that your machine commissioning goes smoothly
  • Thorough safety instruction
  • Adapted to meet your production requirements
  • All shifts receive identical training
  • Our trainers bring both seasoned and novice operators up to the required level
  • One-on-one instruction for individual operators is also available

Productivity Seminar

Productivity Seminar

From beginner to expert level training for problem-free production

Our series of seminars on corrugated board production process technology includes everything from introductory basics to expert-level training – everything you need for problem-free production. We will go over how various types of paper can be transformed into flat corrugated board using heat and adhesive. So it is important to understand the influencing factors at work in all corrugators and the various process parameters used. In order to produce good quality corrugated board, it is also crucial to be able to interpret and adjust all machine settings and process parameters.

It is also essential to know how to respond to and rectify various types of issues related to board flatness. The results of compression tests (ECT, FCT, BCT) and their correlation with box compression strength is a crucial quality parameter. Depending on the production mix, your machines and processes need to be adapted to light or heavy corrugated board qualities. Increasingly, corrugators are being used to produce specialty products.

Analyzing and measuring data is extremely important. You do not know what you cannot measure. Cardboard quality, production waste, total productivity, the reduction of manufacturing costs and energy consumption are all very important for keeping your business healthy in a competitive and constantly changing market environment. Do you know your KPIs? Focus on your customers. In this seminar, aside from the corrugator, we also discuss many other components involved in process automation.

  • Better understanding of the corrugated board manufacturing process
  • Understanding the interaction between all factors on corrugated board quality
  • Maintaining good quality across the entire production mix
  • Achieve a good general grasp of corrugated board production
  • Better understanding of the corrugated board process with regard to flatness
  • Better control of cardboard strength and better understanding of corrugated board tests
  • How to produce light or heavy grades of corrugated board
  • Better understanding of the production of special grades of corrugated board (specialty products)
  • Improve overall adhesion strength
  • Empower and motivate your workers
  • Higher productivity (OEE)
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Top-quality production

Performance Training

Performance Training

In performance, know-how makes the difference!

This course is intended to enhance your overall performance. We also work with you to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Another important issue is waste, which is also a crucial factor and which involves differentiating between planned and unplanned waste. Analyzing the source of unplanned waste is particularly important. Minimizing unscheduled stops is another point to consider. This requires performing a causal analysis. It is crucial to approach troubleshooting analytically. Define, measure, analyze, rectify and check. The trainer defines and analyzes the process and the problem along with you. With the trainer’s assistance, you will devise solutions based on the causal analysis and discuss a long-term plan.

  • Analyze your production, operators and processes
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Improve corrugated board quality
  • Raise average speed
  • Enhance the motivation and skill levels of your operators
  • Deepen knowledge of the corrugated board production process at your company
  • Identify periodic bottlenecks in production
  • Receive expert knowledge from our trainers
  • Achieve lasting results
  • We give your team the know-how they need to reach your targets

Maintenance and technology

Rapidly developing technology is creating exciting new possibilities – and challenging corrugator operators and service teams to keep up with the pace of new knowledge. Our training courses are a systematic approach to gaining a deeper and more advanced understanding of maintenance and technology.

Technological Training

Technological Training

Keeping our finger on the pulse of technological development

The corrugator is a highly complex machine. Each unit in the system comes in various types and is highly sophisticated. This alone makes it essential to have a solid grasp of the technology. In the event of a technical problem, this knowledge allows you to understand the interplay of all the components and identify the cause of the issue as quickly as possible. It is also important to know how to adjust the various gaps and units in order to prevent poor product quality and downtimes.

Even for seasoned technicians, the various configurations and high technical standards can be a challenge. Technological Training gives workers an understanding of the equipment, optimally preparing them for the tasks at hand. This is why, in order to master the system, it is crucial to have an understanding of the primary machine functions, control loops, sensor settings, hardware basics and troubleshooting tools and capabilities.

  • Better understanding of corrugators
  • Overview and in-depth knowledge of technical equipment
  • Regular practical and theoretical exercises increase safety in case of malfunctions
  • Familiarization with and practical application of troubleshooting tools.
  • Enable and motivate your workers
  • Changing components on the corrugator

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training

Get your corrugator up and running again fast

One of the main tasks of the staff is to systematically identify error sources and implement long-term solutions. This is especially challenging and especially important when it comes to technologically complex systems. Operating companies are increasingly acknowledging this as one of the main quality characteristics in the field of maintenance. With cost-oriented approaches to maintenance and production becoming more and more important, it pays more than ever to structure and plan these measures better. Tools are also becoming more relevant. Technical solutions are now part and parcel of analysis. Once again, the keyword is standardization. Systematic-analytic troubleshooting starts with the right preparatory work before anything is done on the machine.

Maintenance refers to any steps taken to delay the decommissioning of existing machines during their service life. Maintenance is timed in accordance with technical rules or based on the instructions of the manufacturer, e.g. after a certain production volume or number of operating hours, the maintenance interval. Maintenance work is generally performed at regular intervals by trained personnel. This ensures maximum service life and minimal wear on the serviced components. Proper maintenance is important in order to make a high-quality product.

  • Effective analysis
  • Systematic troubleshooting
  • Development of maintenance strategies
  • Preventing future equipment failures
  • Set-up – the right way.
  • Enable and motivate your workers
  • Consistently high machine performance thanks to technical availability.

Systems Training

Systems Training

Understanding systems – analyzing production – checking KPIs

Modern corrugators comprise a whole series of subsystems which greatly increase the degree of automation. This is why it is vitally important to understand and master these systems and IT solutions in order to achieve consistently high quality and OEE. But what does it mean, for example, to own and operate a process control system? What does it include – and how does that affect my production? What other systems are there? What are these systems like, and how can I utilize them? How can I analyze my production operation and monitor my KPIs? Get answers to all these questions with our seminars or on-site training courses, and give your workers the lasting training they need to successfully run these systems.

  • Understanding machine functions
  • Get a better overview of your production so far
  • Analyze warnings
  • What are the various systems?
  • How do I handle my systems during production?
  • Troubleshooting

Trainings 2024

Please note a possible time difference to your country. 

The times indicated are:

UTC+2  31.03. – 26.10.2024


If you need more information on contents and prices or want to book a training, please don't hesitate to contact us: iCorr® Shop Website | Trainings

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