Inspections by BHS Corrugated for lasting improvements

The basis of any sustainable maintenance strategy is cyclic inspections that put your corrugator and production operation through their paces. The goal is to ensure a high rate of availability and total productivity over the long-term. As the equipment operator, you will receive a comprehensive inspection report detailing the technical condition of your equipment, as well as recommendations for optimizing maintenance and productivity. Any necessary improvements are presented in the form of a solution concept. We then work with you to determine which recommendations will be implemented and when. And our specialists are here to support you the entire way.

Technical Corrugator Inspection (TCI): Peace of mind for your corrugator

What is the current condition of your machines and your corrugator? Based on this, what maintenance is required? And when can which technical measure be implemented? These are the answers we provide with TCI – Technical Corrugator Inspection.

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Corrugator Check: Short Check by our Experts

Through many years of experience, our experts are able to identify limitations in a short time and derive necessary measures.

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