Keeping value chains operational: Supply Chain Management at BHS Corrugated

Supply Chain Management plans, manages and monitors orders of BHS Corrugated along the entire value chain, including the associated material and information flows. Our customers expect expedited processing times, high availability, reliable delivery, traceability/tracking and the fastest possible response times in case of technical issues – and the Supply Chain Management system of BHS Corrugated makes sure we deliver.

Global value creation – centrally managed

As a lifecycle company in the digital age, BHS Corrugated is known for individually tailored solutions. Whether it is for a complete corrugator, individual machines, upgrades or corrugating rolls – every order reflects the unique requirements of the customer.

In addition to actual product requirements, the expectations placed on the supply chains are becoming more important to businesses. In the corrugated industry, too, supply chain management is an ever-present challenge. This is why, for many years now, here at BHS Corrugated, we have maintained a Supply Chain Management system. Its task is the process-oriented planning, management and monitoring of all orders along the entire value chain. From our headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany, we handle the integration and monitoring of all international manufacturing sites involved in an order.

Optimizing order cycles from a single source

Supply Chain Management at headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany, involves various departments and ensures operationally optimal order processing. From the start of a project to the installation phase and beyond – e.g. Spare Parts supply – our primary focus remains the same: Your satisfaction as our customer.

The SCM process at BHS Corrugated
The SCM process of BHS Corrugated covers a comprehensive range of functions – centrally managed for optimal order processing.
Nearly 100% delivery reliability in times of rising demand for corrugated board
Increased demand for corrugated board during the pandemic: Together, we can maintain the supply!

We deliver – so you can, too

Around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for corrugated board – the mail-order market in particular has more than made up for lost orders in industrial sectors. In Germany alone, corrugated production was up 5% in the first quarter of 2020.

And we did our part, too. Even in these difficult circumstances, BHS Corrugated achieved a delivery reliability rate of nearly 100% for corrugators, corrugating rolls and spare parts – worldwide. Our spare parts supply operates from three logistical distribution centers. Currently, our focus is on maintaining our supply chain. Together with you – our customers – we are making sure that people can still count on the packaging industry, even in these challenging times.