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Cutoff: High-precision – for the perfect cut

Fast. High-precision. Energy-efficient. Introducing, the Cutoff from BHS Corrugated. Thanks to the use of directly driven and very light carbon fiber knife bars, the Cutoff from BHS Corrugated has the best speed curves in the industry. This allows even very short corrugated sheets to be cut accurately at extremely high speed, while board weight has minimal effects on performance. Cutoffs from BHS Corrugated easily cut sheets as heavy as 1800 g/m² at full speed.

The features at a glance

Working width

Working width

As variable as your requirements

It should be particularly emphasized that the Cutoff, like all other machines from BHS Corrugated, is also available in a working width of up to 3,350 mm. However, the increased working width has no negative influence on speed curves, cutting accuracy or cut quality.

Optionally, the BHS Corrugated Cutoffs can also be configured to discharge production waste at full operating speed, up to 400 m/min.



Compact and quickly integrated

Just like all other individual machines from BHS Corrugated, the Cutoff can be quickly and easily integrated into existing corrugators due to its compact design.

Machine safety

Machine safety

The highest standards

The Cutoff HQ-M from BHS Corrugated is CE certified according to the European industry standards EN 1010-1 and EN 1010-5.

intelligent Cut-to-Mark Control​ (iCMC)

intelligent Cut-to-Mark Control​ (iCMC)

QR codes on Cutoff for triggering the cutting signal and for closed-loop control.​

​Camera systems on any number of Cutoff levels upstream and downstream of the Cutoff make it possible to monitor the preprint from above or below with gapless print image recognition. As a result, the system automatically triggers the HQ cut depending on the QR code information.​

This eliminates the need for register mark calibration, resulting in significant savings in start-up waste and operator intervention. The reduced space requirement due to the use of standardized QR codes, which can be used for further applications, should also be emphasized.​

Furthermore, the system enables closed-loop readjustment of the HQ cut in real time by the deviation from the target position detected by the camera system. This allows the significant reduction of the start-up waste to be enormously increased the cut correction per sheet.​


QR Code Standard Specifications

Our solutions for your corrugator

Our Portfolio includes single machines, complete lines and connect process- and control systems under the topic Corrugated 4.0.


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