Join BHS Corrugated as experienced professional

Are you good in what you do and have gained experience in the field? Are you searching for new and compelling work? Are you on your way to the next stage in your career – or are you just looking for change? As global player, market leader, and pioneer in our industry, we have many opportunities to offer – for committed technical specialists and highly qualified experts alike.

Lifecycle business, pioneer in the digital age, networker, and game changer – and, of course, machine builder with a long and proud tradition: Our strong position, openness, and curiosity have made us sustainably successful worldwide. With regard to machinery equipment, customer service, and intelligent data usage, we have developed an exceptional standard of performance. In order to keep moving forward, we need the best hands and minds. You, for example!

Two men in BHS Corrugated work clothes are talking to each other in a production hall.

Your commitment. Our dedication!

While we ask for your expertise and skills, your readiness to take on responsibilities, and a strong commitment, we will give you our full support, from a successful commencement to favorable promotions. Together, we will plan your regular training, further education, and your career. We use SAP® SuccessFactors, a human resources management software, for targeted and efficient support.

Make change happen and excel in your career

A new position, more responsibilities, new compelling projects, international liaisons, deployments abroad: We appreciate your openness to change. Our goal is that you make a difference in our company – and advance in the process. Therefore, we will be all ears for your ideas and always open new doors for you.

Meet some of our professionals at BHS Corrugated!

What do experienced professionals appreciate at BHS Corrugated? Read what some of our employees have to say:

  • Dare to experiment: Kui Hou, Project Manager enjoys his freedom to experiment in our company – here in the Upper Palatinate as well as in China. 

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  • Take advantage of opportunities: Markus Stemmer, Mechanics Team Leader has never switched companies. Why should he? At BHS Corrugated, he has travelled the world, taken advantage of exciting opportunities, and achieved plenty.

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  • Make a difference: This is the goal and constant motivation of Wolfgang Seegerer, Upgrades Manager. At our company, he always finds the perfect challenges.

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  • Change the game: Karl Ruhland, R&D Digital Print Manager, and his team are developing nothing less than THE game changer in the corrugated industry. One of the most exciting projects in the history of our company for him (and for us!).

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Apply now!

Have we triggered your desire to make change happen? Then we would like to find out more about you! Apply now – you will find our current open positions for professionals from various fields here:

Job vacancies at BHS Corrugated

Would you like to find out more about this topic? Then read on ...

Work-life balance & family

We are a family-friendly business – and support a good work-life balance for everyone at BHS Corrugated ...

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Fitness & health

From the fitness app to the gym in the company building: We help our employees to get and stay fit ...

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Benefits programs at BHS Corrugated

We go above and beyond – because you are important to us. We want you to feel at home at BHS Corrugated, get involved and achieve your goals ...

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Try out everything! Kui Hou, Project Manager

In China, Kui Hou was trained to be a goalkeeper. Today, his goalkeeper instincts help him in his job ...

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Always new solutions: Bruno Zenicanin, Service Technician

For his vocational education and training, Bruno Zenicanin came from Croatia to Weiherhammer. From here, he got off to a flying start, all around the world and up the career ladder …

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We are irreplaceable! Markus Stemmer, Mechanics Team Leader

Markus Stemmer was an apprentice at BHS Corrugated, has never left the company – and has gone places, in the world and up the ladder ...

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