WIDTH Line: extra-wide solutions for mega-plants

The WIDTH Line is a complete corrugator from BHS Corrugated. Amongst others, it is also interesting for paper manufacturers who want to add corrugated board production to their value chain. With their extra-large working width of 3,350 mm, these corrugator lines are extremely cost-effective.

World’s widest

Our WIDTH Line features the largest working width in the world – 3,350 mm. Compared with corrugators of narrower working widths, they achieve lower trim loss and reduce logistics expenses within the factory. Even if trim is reduced by just a few percent, a WIDTH Line from BHS Corrugated will quickly pay for itself. This makes it potentially interesting for paper manufacturers looking to optimize their paper machine deckling to achieve a maximum output. The WIDTH Line systems easily fulfill high production volume and availability requirements – all their components are designed to run 24h/day in 3 or 4-shift operation. They offer a maximum production speed of 400 m/min and an annual volume of 200,000 t.

When highest Output is demanded the WIDTH Line from BHS Corrugated is the right corrugator line.