Wolfgang Seegerer, Upgrades Manager: Nothing stops me here!

Wolfgang Seegerer prolongs life. The Upgrades Manager is responsible for upgrading and retrofitting. Along with about 50 employees at the BHS Corrugated site in Hütten, he provides clients around the world with solutions, which extend the service life of machines, or increase the productivity thereof. He compares his job at BHS Corrugated with paragliding. Always on an upward trend!



Every morning, Wolfgang Seegerer walks through the company building of BHS Corrugated in Hütten and greets every team member. Until the Corona pandemic hit in 2020, he did so with a handshake. "People working at BHS Corrugated are not all the same" Seegerer says. "But all are worth the same. Respectful interaction is important to me."

Wolfgang Seegerer

Job: Upgrades Manager.

Change factor: 9/10. Making a difference motivates Wolfgang Seegerers. He is the engine in the Upgrade business of BHS Corrugated.

Type: The man for every occasion.

Attitude: "Enjoy life and make a difference!"

Change for enhanced quality

As the Upgrades Manager (he portrays his position as: "Jack of all trades") in Hütten, Wolfgang Seegerer is not only responsible for the employees, but also for "product management, technical sales, technology, development, installation, and commissioning, the supply chain and management of the site itself, from the company medical office to the snow and ice control service". Along with his team, he looks after clients of BHS Corrugated all over the world. Apart from the Asia-Pacific region, which is covered by the Shanghai office. Seegerer enjoys the variety of challenges. And he makes change happen. Hence, BHS Corrugated is the perfect place for him.

Trying out something: Required! Making mistakes: Allowed!

"At BHS Corrugated, we strive for change to enhance the quality of our processes." When Wolfgang Seegerer retires one day, he hopes he will do so with the feeling: "I enjoyed my life and could make a difference."

Seegerer believes that most of his colleagues share this attitude. "My team considers the change in the company to be positive. They are very motivated and enjoy the work. The reason: They are encouraged to give something a try. And it is allowed to make a mistake. Attempts may sometimes turn out to be a flop."

Checked: Process optimization
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People implement change at their own pace. Seegerer sees himself "like a bouncy ball" between his superiors and his team. "The boss defines requirements and pulls, while I am in the middle trying to counterbalance, and at the same time I am pulling along the others." Speed is just one of many qualities. At BHS Corrugated, very different people bring their skills to the table. This diversity makes the company strong.

Make change happen...
this does not end at the continuous improvement of processes at BHS Corrugated. The company is also on the path towards the future, in other words towards Industry 4.0. For a long time now, it has not just been about building the best corrugators. With networked systems, BHS Corrugated also provides its clients the best services, worldwide and around the clock. The company prepares its team for the digital future. Since digitalization will not replace people at BHS Corrugated, but rather network people.


A manager takes off

Now and then, Wolfgang Seegerer likes to take off with the paraglider, from the edge of a hill, or "in front of my own house door" through winch launch. Depending on the thermal uplift, a flight takes a few minutes, or even several hours. What does it take to fly? Good planing, foresight, and prudence, lists Seegerer, and a good feeling in your gut. The conditions had to be analyzed constantly, and one had to act quickly and deliberately if necessary. That sounds just like a job description. "Yes" nods Seegerer: "The one promotes the other."

I feel at home here. Nothing stops me.

Wolfgang Seegerer, Upgrades Manager at BHS Corrugated

Classic start of a career: With an apprenticeship

Wolfgang Seegerer does not seem to have his head in the clouds but is rather well-grounded. Hence, another passion fits into the picture: forestry. Seegerer enjoys making his own firewood. His career start in form of an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant was also respectable. After several years in practice, Seegerer obtained a degree as business administrator. In 2011, he started at BHS Corrugated, in the sales of spare parts.

BHS Corrugated: Market leader and "hidden champion"

Seegerer had never heard of BHS Corrugated before. He had to find out the location of Weiherhammer (26 driving minutes from his hometown) with the help of his navigator. Typical for a "hidden champion": Not only is BHS Corrugated market leader, but also pacemaker and scout of the future for the entire corrugated industry. It combines quality craftsmanship with the know-how for Industry 4.0. However, as B2B supplier, BHS Corrugated is less visible on the job market.

Wolfgang Seegerer is sitting in the woods. He is holding a tablet.


The lifecycle issue was the decisive factor

BHS Corrugated does not convince specialists and executives who are not part of the corrugated industry with its familiar name but rather its qualities. "I was intrigued by the tasks, the Lifecycle issue, and the sophisticated technical environment. However, I never thought I would take roots so deeply" Wolfgang Seegerer remembers. However, he did. Meanwhile, he has worked for BHS Corrugated for nine years already. "I feel right at home here." Why? "Nothing stops me here."

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