BHS Corrugated – shaping the future on a foundation of over 300 years

BHS Corrugated – now a global supplier of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, Lifecycle service and digital solutions for the complex requirements of the corrugated board industry. Established an unbelievable 300+ years ago. And with a clear vision for the future: We are our customers’ Lifecycle Partner in the digital age. We embrace change. We always have. But our values remain the same. Our roots in the community. Our social responsibility. Get to know a company that is continuously evolving – yet hangs on to what is tried and true.

BHS – a literally inspirational corporate philosophy

We call it “INSPIRED BHS Corrugated.” Or simply iBHS for short. This is the new corporate philosophy preparing us to shape the future. We inspire our customers with innovative solutions, creative ideas and impressive capability. In return, we take inspiration from a new kind of collaboration.

About the iBHS company philosophy

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> 50.000 Fußballfelder bedeckt mit Wellpappe
More than 50,000 Soccer pitches covered with corrugated board – just one of the fascinating facts on BHS Corrugate

The numbers speak for themselves!

More than 50,000 soccer pitches could be covered with the worldwide annual production that is done on corrugators, designed by BHS Corrugated. This is no accident. Yes, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio. But more importantly (for success of any kind,) we offer them the know-how of more than 3,000 people. Click here for the key facts and figures:

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Over 300 years old – and ready for the next transformation

Established in 1717 – not many companies can reflect on a history as long as that of BHS Corrugated. More importantly, we are a forward-looking company. We are well used to change and prepared to embrace the future, whatever it holds. Take a look at an eventful company history.

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History of BHS Corrugated – 1917
1917 – by this time, the company was already 200 years old.
Bringing us closer to our customers and their local requirements are our eight production sites around the world.

Global expertise, local presence – we are wherever our customers are

From the Czech Republic to Tennessee in the US. From China to Brazil. From Italy to Malaysia. Plus our production facilities in the center of our German headquarters – our production capacity alone shows how close BHS Corrugated is to the customer. Not to mention our service locations in over 20 countries and a lot of local branches worldwide.

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Education and accountability – we stand by our social responsibility

At BHS Corrugated, we believe in sustainability – not just with regard to the environment but also with regard to customers and society. One of the main aspects of this is sustainability through education. For our employees, as well as for children in Laos, one of the poorest countries on Earth.

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Education – a crucial component of corporate social responsibility at BHS Corrugated
Education is a major part of corporate social responsibility at BHS Corrugated.
Christian und Lars Engel, Geschäftsführung von BHS Corrugated

Continuity and an appetite for change – the Management of BHS Corrugated

BHS Corrugated is lead by Christian Engel (Spokesman for the board) and Lars Engel (Managing Director with priority on Strategic Customer Development.) Their vision is very straightforward: to secure a successful future for BHS Corrugated as a Lifecycle company in the digital age.

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Governance – clearly defined rules, successful collaboration

Whether it’s Compliance, Quality Management, Supplier or Supply Chain Management – at BHS Corrugated, everything is clearly structured and regulated. Customers, employees and partners along the whole value chain can count on us and our governance guidelines.

More about Governance

Governance – rules for proper corporate governance at BHS Corrugated
Success through clearly defined rules – that is how BHS Corrugated collaborates worldwide.

Innovative, fast-growing, family-friendly – judging from the awards, we are on the right path

Awards provide support and motivation. The work done by BHS Corrugated and our employees has been recognized in a variety categories – everything from digital innovation to growth dynamics to family-friendliness. Come help us celebrate, and experience an outstanding company!

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Corrugator Online Training Seminar Advanced
Process technology in corrugated board production is a very complex issue. Very important is good and constant board quality. Therefore, it is…
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BHS Corrugated
Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Paul-Engel-Straße 1
92729 Weiherhammer

+49 96 05 - 919 -