Markus Stemmer, Mechanics Team Leader: Shanghai. Varaždin. Weiherhammer!

He started his career in 1993. Today, he is a senior professional. He has never changed companies. And he still advanced, got around much, and seized exciting opportunities? That is typical for BHS Corrugated Markus Stemmer finds. He started as an industrial mechanic. Today, he is a team leader. In between, he traveled the world a bit...


BHS Corrugated: Right intuition

Markus Stemmer was popular. When he applied for an apprenticeship placement as industrial manager within the region, he received multiple acceptances. He decided for BHS Corrugated, because he had already felt comfortable there during his internship as a student. "My intuition to work with BHS Corrugated was right. The other companies no longer exist today."

Markus Stemmer

Job: Mechanics Team Leader.

Change factor: 8/10. Markus Stemmer has evolved from place to place, up the career ladder - and ideally together with his team.

Type: Problem solver!

Attitude: "My team comes first, then the boss."

Upgrading corrugators

After his apprenticeship, Markus Stemmer was offered a permanent employment contract. First, he worked in Weiherhammer at the machine, and then away on jobs at diverse production sites. Four months in Croatia, six weeks in Shanghai – and repeatedly 60 kilometers away in Tachov in Czechia, "crossing the border early in the morning, and back home again at night".

During his deployments abroad, Markus Stemmer trained teams on-site in machine upgrades. Due to the fact that corrugated box plants and their individual machines are operating for many years, they are repeatedly upgraded. These mechanical and electronical upgrades keep the corrugators and machines efficient and fit for all new requirements. In addition, he was in charge of quality management.

During my deployment in Shanghai, I experienced a completely different world. Fascinating. And in Croatia, the team took me in like I was family.

Markus Stemmer, Mechanics Team Leader at BHS Corrugated

Overseas deployment in Shanghai

At the former Croatian production site in Varazdin, Markus Stemmer felt at home. The BHS Corrugated team was like family: "It was the best of times!" In Shanghai, China, he got to know a completely different world. A chauffeur drove him through one of the largest cities in the world (more than 25 million people live here). After work, a Chinese colleague took him out to delve into the rich culture and to show him the bright and dark sides of the mega city. Poverty, life in wooden shacks, bars that serve the blood of snakes.

When everything runs smoothly, my heart fills with joy

Markus Stemmer no longer travels much. He is now manager of a production team at the BHS Corrugated headquarters in Weiherhammer. Today, you find him more often on his notebook than at the machine. "I am managing people, materials, schedules, complaints." He enjoys the variety of challenges: "I am a problem solver. When everything runs smoothly, my heart fills with joy."

Markus Stemmer and three other men from his team on a forklift truck.


Improving together

25 people, both mechanical and electrical professionals, work in Markus Stemmer's team. Their production line is divided into "boxes". Each box corresponds to a production stage. When Stemmer joined the team as the new manager, he worked in each box for a while. This allowed him and his team to become familiar with each other during everyday work. "I don't want to impose my ideas on my people. I'd rather try to show what we can improve while working together."

Even in production, the motto at BHS Corrugated is: No shift work. Instead: flexible work hours!


Markus Stemmer is no yes-man. He is straight forward. Of himself and others, he asks the following: "Don't just complain, do something about it!" Stemmer's motto – "My team comes first, then the boss" – has already paid off. "People have started to approach me with their own ideas." His next goal is: "Not only is it important to communicate more within the team, but also across teams!"

I am proud to be part of BHS Corrugated. And all opportunities to get to the top are wide open to me.

Markus Stemmer

Variety, always something new to learn, and digitalization as opportunity

What are Markus Stemmer's dreams? He laughs. "I wish to become very old. And it would be great if I retired from BHS Corrugated." An entire career in just one company, wouldn't that be boring? "Not at all! Every day is different. I am already on my fifth job at BHS Corrugated – and with each job, I have learnt more." Stemmer is gaining plenty of expertise on the path to Industry 4.0. "I consider digitalization a gain. It clearly visualizes the workflow: I look at the screen and see what is going on!"

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