ECO Line: a future-proof product for emergent markets

Are you looking to invest in a potential market? Or maybe you need a high-quality solution for packaging your own products? The ECO Line from BHS Corrugated meets the needs of manufacturers with a monthly output of 2,500 to 3,000 tons and performs even under challenging production conditions.

Built solid

Designed based on the larger STEADY Line but with a width of 1,800 mm, the ECO Line is largely impervious to external influences including power fluctuations, frequent changes of raw material and inexperienced operating personnel. BHS Corrugated created this line with a cleverly devised control system and sturdy layout, designed for 20 years of operation – everything you need to produce high-quality corrugated board with excellent printability. For anything that your own local team cannot handle to your satisfaction, you can count on the service expertise of BHS Corrugated – available worldwide. From comprehensive process know-how to the full maintenance of your corrugator line, our local sales team has the right solution for your needs.