Blazing a trail for digital printing – join the future with BHS Corrugated

The revolution has begun: Over the next few years, BHS Corrugated aims to replace many of the flexo-printers currently used in corrugated box production with RSR® (Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time) digital printing.
RSR® (Roll to printed sheet in real time) is our vision for a lean corrugated box plant. RSR® digital printing during the production of corrugated board is a superior approach. This solution promises to fundamentally change the way corrugated box plants are designed.

The first steps are behind us!

The RSR® process by BHS Corrugated is radically different from any other digital printing solution on the market. Currently, Preprint or Postprint solutions are the methods of choice. With RSR®, BHS Corrugated is blazing a trail for more flexible printing processes down to a batch size of 1, reduced buffer and interim storage requirements and leaner downstream processing.

BHS Corrugated first began research and development in digital printing in the early 2000s. From the start, we chose to partner with reputable suppliers in the inkjet sector, pooling our own know-how with theirs.

Since then, inkjet technology has experienced major advances and is now ready to meet the needs of the high-volume corrugated industry. Screen and BHS Corrugated are starting printer technology for RSR®.

Leaving our mark together: SCREEN and BHS Corrugated are starting printer technology for RSR®

In an operative collaboration, BHS Corrugated is teaming with Inca Digital Printers Ltd., a spinoff of the University of Cambridge. This exclusive partnership between BHS Corrugated and SCREEN GP (the Japanese holding company of Inca) began back in 2016. The goal is to develop an RSR® (Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time) printer. To achieve it, a new company has been created – SCREEN GP IJC, based at the Inca facilities in Cambridge, UK. This company is going to provide the Inkjet-technology to be integrated in the RSR® from BHS Corrugated.

From left to right: Mr. Baba (Screen GP), Mr. Christian Engel (BHS Corrugated), Mr. Baxter (Inca Digital Printers).
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Watch this video to experience Roll to Printed Sheet in Real Time (RSR®)!

300 m/min., 2,800 mm working width – we are giving corrugated board manufacturers the capabilities to print!

The RSR® printer (RSR®: Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time) from BHS Corrugated is a high-volume digital printer designed for the requirements of corrugated box plants. With speeds up to 300 m/min and working widths of up to 2,800 mm, this is a state-of-the-art machine. That means it can meet all the market requirements – from transport packaging to high-quality Postprint orders.


Modular configuration to suit your product portfolio

The RSR® solution is modular, meaning customers can arrange the machine configuration based on their product portfolio. This approach allows for a wide range of capabilities. With its “pre-coating” and “varnish” options, the machine is able to print on all common raw papers, placing no limitations at all on your production processes. It also features digital varnish, including the possibility of spot gloss varnish. Customers will be able to use the RSR® by BHS Corrugated as a stand-alone Preprint machine or in the RSR® process mode – depending on their requirements.