Upgrades: Technological progress is not just for new machines

Some of your machinery might have been in use for decades. So how do you update it or keep it up-to-date? With Upgrades from BHS Corrugated, we help you get maximum performance out of your corrugator and maintain it throughout its service life. Because cutting-edge, competitive production does not always require new machines. So far, BHS Corrugated offers over 400 Upgrade solutions and counting. We have already implemented over 5,000 Upgrades worldwide.

Fact-based decision-making: A Development Plan from BHS Corrugated takes the guesswork out of corrugator Upgrades.

Corrugator Development Plan

The decision-making basis for upgrading your corrugator.

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Obsolescence Management

Your best defense against all contingencies.

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Obsolescence risk? Obsolescence Management from BHS Corrugated gives you protection and peace of mind for every aspect of your corrugator: process, drive, display, controller and reliability.
Strong Values for corrugators: Performance Upgrades are paying off


Performance Upgrades

When was the last time your corrugator performed this well?

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How a BHS Corrugated upgrade solution can benefit you

  • Systematic Corrugator Development Plan with recommendations, description of benefits, return on investment, predictive planning
  • Performance Upgrades – a second chance for high equipment availability, high production performance and high quality without high operating costs
  • Obsolescence Management – high operational reliability, protection from component obsolescence, standardization of components, reduction of inventories