An outrageous idea? We are all ears!

Brilliant! The best ideas are developed within our own company. Where can we speed up processes? How can we eliminate sources of errors? What helps us save materials? BHS Corrugated encourages all junior employees, specialists, and executives to contribute with their own experience, creativity and openness to change. Every year, we receive around 800 internal optimization suggestions! They do pay off: in measurable success – and as bonuses for the creative minds.

Your openness to change moves you and us forward

Our goal is to continually innovate for the purpose of operational excellence. Our suggestion scheme is no dusty old mailbox, but rather a real and vital success factor for BHS Corrugated. Our junior employees, specialists and executives take advantage of it regularly. They keep their eyes peeled, challenge routines, think independently and outside the box, exchange ideas – whether within R&D, manufacturing, or on social issues. Every year, this results in around 800 improvements and innovations.

This is how we create a win-win situation: Our committed, creative employees constitute a significant competitive factor. Each individual suggestion enhances the performance of BHS Corrugated. The employees themselves are not only motivated by the bonus offered. They also enjoy the good feeling of helping to change our company to move it ahead of the game.


Brief definition: What is operational excellence?

Operational excellence means the following: All essential processes within the company are checked continually and improved if necessary. The objective: maximum efficiency (= cost-benefit ratio) and effectivity (= effectiveness, achieving the goals set). The basis is not provided by "gut feelings", but unambiguous numbers and data. Operational excellence always takes into account the corporation as a whole. In terms of operational excellence, companies apply complex management methods. BHS Corrugated is successful applying the Six Sigma method, among other things.

Christian Schneider, COO (Chief Operating Officer), explains here, how BHS Corrugated optimizes processes by means of Six Sigma:

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Suggestion scheme: Share your ideas with us!

Our suggestion scheme is also a well-organized process. In a timely manner, ideas are checked specifically with regard to feasibility and benefits and are implemented in case of success. In doing so, success can be experienced directly. The many years of experience of "old-timers" are just as valuable as the fresh perspectives of newcomers when it comes to optimizing a screw connection, a component, or an entire process. The magnitude of the BHS Corrugated team also becomes evident in this interaction.

Now your ideas are in demand: How would you like to change BHS Corrugated towards the future and success? Contribute with your zest for change and your ideas in these positions:

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Two apprentices operate a milling machine via the control panel.

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